How To Select The Best and Branded Headphones?

How To Test Branded Headphones

In a modern world, most of the people are suffering a lot while selecting the headphone because they are not aware of how to select the best and branded headphones. But if you are testing the headphone quality and features then people might get the excellent quality of the headphone. A branded and tested headphone is having excellent testing percentages like above seventy percentages. In case your headphone is having below criteria then try to ignore because it is offering only low quality of sound

  • A perfect headphone must consist of 50% of the sound quality
  • 10% of the audio enhancements
  • Comfort and durability must more than 35%
  • Feature is up to 5%

Now a day most of the online retailers are providing a hundred percentages testing headphone, however, selecting the best one is most important. In case you are selecting the tested headphone then people might get the vast numbers of the benefits.

How To Test The Headphone

As everyone knows there are different kinds of the headphones are available in online but selecting the best one is crucial. When it comes to the testing the headphone then they will test the headphone about sound leakage and so on. Most of the online retailers are offering the only high quality of the headphone and it is tested from the authorized company. If you are selecting the branded company website then they are providing the headset at international standard. In case the headphone is having the below thirty percentages then you should ignore in such kind of the headphone because it is not offering the excellent quality of sound. When it comes to the audio enhancements then it is including functionality loss, wireless interference, acoustic leakage and passive noise cancelling. This audio enhancement is having below 10 percentages then it is belonging to the poor quality of headphone. If you are surfing in online then people can thoroughly know about how to test the headphone. If a headphone is not having an excellent quality of the noise cancelling performance then try to avoid the headphone because it is not offering amazing music hearing experience.

Another Way To Test Headphones

Whether you are using any type of headphones, you must test and ensure that they sound best before using. Now, you can find many types of earphones and headphones available in the market. These headphones come with excellent features of compact and lightweight design that perfectly fits into everyone’s ear. Usually, these headphones are working similar to the headsets that include various microphones or ear cup. So, you must evaluate how well the microphone works and also how well it blocks out the street noise. When you plan to buy the best pair of headphones for your needs, you should examine a lot of things by simply testing the headphones that you pick to buy. Here are some matters to be considered such as,

Sound Quality

In order to test the sound quality, you can approach the five experts in a listening panel. They assess each pair of headphones by using a set of pieces.


You should also test the durability of material that can be used to create the headphones. Normally, the cables in headphones are stress tested during manufacturing that ensures you to be strong enough. Anyhow, you must be tested the headphones before buying.

Sound Leakage

When you buy the headphones, you should perfectly test the headphones thoroughly for acoustic leakage. When you are hearing music using headsets, you may feel any louder or irritating tones or noises. Make sure each set of headphones can give you the clear sound with the frequency response and also able to use with the excellent noise cancelling feature.

Eligibility Criteria

Whenever you buy a perfect pair of headphones, you should analyse the test score and see the result immediately at a glance whether it is the best or worst. You should also compare the specifications and features of various headphone models and then score them based on the following criteria,

  • Features- 5%
  • Audio enhancements- 10%
  • Comfort and durability- 35%
  • Sound quality- 50%

However, you selected headphone must score minimum 70% in your tests and then decide to buy the best pair of headphone as per the above recommendations. If the tested score is less than 40%, you don’t buy that specific model.

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