Top 5 Gadgets to Have While Traveling


We are a society on the go. When travelling, we can still enjoy those devices that keep us connected to the world, for technology has provided us with a gaggle of gadgets that take some of the worry and hassle out of traveling.

1. Earthmate

EarthmateYou have your smartphone with you while travelling, but what if you are in an area that has no signal. Well, Earthmate is a handheld GPS and one-way text-messaging device that works where cell phones don’t. The Earthmate device works via satellite so it is a perfect device to have where there is little to no cell signal. Think of the peace of mind such a device can provide to you and your family while on hikes or drives deep in the wilderness and mountains.

2. Samsung Galaxy S5

galaxy s5Probably the most important item you can have on your travels is a smartphone. Well, Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S5, is the perfect travel companion. In addition to the large, full-HD display and a battery life that lasts longer than a day, the S5 boasts a 16-megapixel camera with fast focus so you won’t miss any of the photos opportunities while traveling. The device allows you to stay connected to friends and family, and is crucial in case of emergencies. With wireless service providers such as T-Mobile, you can now enjoy free international roaming, making the use of the smartphone when traveling even lighter on the wallet. Here is more information.

3. Pelican iPhone Case

Pelican iPhone CaseThe Pelican i1015 is a shell to safely cocoon your iPhone, iPod or iTouch. The high-impact, heat- and chemical-resistant polymer shell prevents damage to the device from dropping or other accidents. It is event water-resistant, though, you wouldn’t want to take it swimming with you. It is also crushproof and dust proof. The clear coating allows you to still view photos and videos. A strong carabiner anchors the i1015 to a backpack or belt loop. It is a bit clunky to carry, but fits nicely into a beach bag

4. Innex ElectroHub

Innex-ElectroHUBWhen you are on the go, a major concern is keeping your devices charged. Well, the Innex ElectroHub doesn’t just charge your devices one at a time; it can charge up to half a dozen devices at once. Simply place your devices on the ElectroHub and presto they receive simultaneous charging. The key to this gadget, though, is you will have to swap out the existing batteries with ElectroHub-compatible batteries before they will work with the wireless charger.

5. Walkin’ Bag

Walkin BagThe Walkin’ Bag is a carry-on that transforms into a lawn-chair and desk. Stuck in the airport waiting for a flight? Simply fold down the seat and take a load off. The curved “lean-on-it” handle supports 250 pounds, while the seat itself supports up to 300 pounds. The Walkin’ Bag is carry-on compliant and holds a week’s worth of clothing. If you have work to do on that layover, the seat doubles as a convenient desk for your laptop or other mobile device.

Keep these gadgets in mind the next time you are looking to travel, and be on the lookout for other gadgets that fit your lifestyle and travel itinerary. Today’s technology can certainly make travelling more of a worry- and hassle-free affair. What tech device(s) do you have to have while traveling?

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