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Android O

Android O has given a new genre to the existing features adhered by the previous Android version. The journey started in 2008 and has changed the mobile space with a new and advanced technology being added each day to your Android device. It has again come up with some mind blowing and extraordinary features to make life better and less manual.

Features & Changes Present in the Android 8.0 Preview 4

Google has just released its first public beta of Android O or named as ‘Android 8.0 Orea’ Many people have misinterpreted Android O as Android Orea. LoL! The final preview is expected to preview in mid-July. The latest Android version will support Nexus, Android One and Pixel devices in August or September. Let us what new is going to come with Android O.

1. Improved Setting Menu

The setting menu is designed with dark gray text against a white background. The side navigation menu present on the Android Nougat is absent. Besides this, the other menus are restructured to create a simple and user-friendly setting area.

2. Remodeled File Manager

The inbuilt file manager present in Android is not the best in the market, but with this version, the user is able to browse files without the need to install an app. The ‘Files’ app in Android O has undergone several changes. It allows to view, delete as well as open files.

3. Sophisticated Standby Battery Drain

The new feature Background Execution limits inherited in Android O ensures that the apps don’t stop with the ongoing background services. Also, the location restrictions are applied to all apps, irrespective the new Android O or the older version. Thus, it can be said that Google is working to improve frequent battery drains.

4. Capable to Snooze Individual Notifications

The Android O is capable to snooze individual notifications. If in case you are very busy and don’t have time to view notifications, swipe to the right; click to snooze and get rid of it for 15 mins. Yes! The message will come back after 15 mins. Change the snooze length according to your convenience.

5. Advanced Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint is no more used to unlock your smartphone, Android O will equip all your favorite apps with a gesture functionality.The fingerprint can now be used to swipe both vertically and horizontally. Scroll web pages by swiping in the vertical direction and flip between home pages horizontally.

6. On-Screen Navigation Buttons

In the navigation bar menu, the user is capable to change the layout of the on-screen buttons and add some extra icons if required. Using the layout option, decrease the spacing between the buttons or shift it to the other side. Th extra button will help you to add a clipboard button and more.

7. Picture-in-Picture mode

Inspired from the Android Nougat’s split-screen mode, Andoir O came up with this Picture-in-Picture mode that allows watching videos along with chatting on WhatsApp or liking a friend’s photo on social sites.

8. Upgraded Battery Menu

The battery menu has been changed, options like Adaptive brightness or Battery saver are located at the top, while the battery usage graph is more visible. The statistics at the bottom depicts the amount of battery consumed.

9. Introduced an Inverted Theme

Find this theme in the display menu and select ‘Advanced’. After enabling, the system menu will display white backgrounds and dark accents. This will give a completely different look to your device.

10. High-Quality Bluetooth Codecs

Google has introduced best quality Bluetooth codecs in Android O including Sony’s LDAC which will surely improve the audio. Sony has also empowered Android O with a framework that surplasses Android’s hidden theme engine and more.


These are some of the handful features that can be observed in the new Android O. Along with this, the Notification Channels feature, Wi-Fi aware,  battery indicator, Quick Settings tiles and have a really exciting set of new Emojis.

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