VPN For Smart Phones

VPN For Smart Phones – What Is It & Why You Need It

VPN is short for virtual private network, it is used to get more security while you are browsing, the VPN for Smartphone works by creating a virtual tunnel, so that no data travelling through the Wi-Fi environment can be hacked...

HTC One Design

Top 5 Reasons To Dump iPhone 5 For HTC One

Apple no longer has a strangle-hold on the Smartphone market. They have given up ground to Android-based phones that offer all the features that people clamor for. Even Apple's upgrade to a larger screen size with the roll out of...


Top 5 Unusual Cell Phone Chargers In The Market

Cell phones have now become an integral part of human life. Even a moment’s absence can really be painful, particularly when it’s no longer just a medium to connect with people. Cell phones are also used for various other purposes...

Choosing a Phone

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Phone

Mobile phones have captured people’s imagination like no other device. They can be used for multiple purposes from making calls to video streaming. When they were launched for the first time, they were used mainly for making calls and sending...

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