Is The Samsung Note 2 Better Than Its Original Version? (Review)


Samsung Note 2If there wasn’t already enough choice available on the high street for the latest gadget, Samsung have not long released their upgrade from the original Note.

There may be a world war on at the moment between Apple and Samsung but many people are disassociated with all the brouhaha and simply looking at gadgets that can make their life simpler, easier and a bit more interesting. The Samsung Note 2 has managed to do what many devices, either from Samsung or Apple and others, has not been able to accomplish. Courtesy the Samsung Note 2, many iPhone users and patrons of other brands are jumping ship. Why, you may wonder!

Phone Cum Tablet

The Samsung Note 2 is the closest any device or any brand has got to combine the utility of a tablet to the portability of a smart phone. Many people feel that the Samsung Note 2 is too big to handle but you can spend one day with it and it would be a no hassle. Samsung Note 2 can slide into a standard trouser pocket or a small handbag for ladies with utmost ease. It is certainly a whole lot better than the slightly difficult to handle tablets out there.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Version

As a phone, Samsung Note 2 is perfect. It works on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and it is the best operating system at the moment. For a change, experts and consumers have agreed on certain features of a phone cum tablet, which is a healthy development, and Samsung Note 2 has to be thanked for that.

Battery Life

For a quick snapshot at the Samsung Note 2, you would enjoy a fascinating battery life even if you are taking notes all day long or watching videos endlessly on a flight. There have been several test that have been carried out on the Note 2, and for every single one, it was almost impossible to run the battery dead within 24 hours. This is very surprising as all the multitasking functions on competing mobile phones (like the iPhone 5) drain the battery dry well less than 24 hours of constant use.


The camera is great, although that isn’t a surprise considering its Samsung. The bright screen offers a display that you cannot complain and the S Pen is a game changer. The Samsung Note 2 is just as much fun for personal uses as it is for businessmen or professionals.

Samsung Note 2 doesn’t hang, doesn’t crash and is superfast in processing anything that you throw at it, till now at least. It packs a massive Quad core processor that handles any task and multitasking with ease. You get good sound and navigating with all the customizable features, widgets and other functions is easy. The 5.55-inch screen is a perfect midway between smart phones and tablets, which makes reading texts and watching videos easy without making it a gigantic device to carry.


The only two complains that you may have with the Samsung Note 2 is the placement of the power button and the body which doesn’t exactly provide the best of grip. But then again, spend a day with it and you are well beyond such concerns.

A major factor determining the sales of this particular device will boil down to the size of the device, however this is can also be used as the selling point. I suppose Samsung have taken this route and aimed the Note 2 towards a particular type of user, one with a busy and hectic schedule, that is always on the move with 101 things to plan out throughout their week.


In conclusion the Samsung Note 2 is much better than its predecessor the Note. Samsung have improved on all aspects of the original design and learnt from their mistakes, overall creating a fantastic piece of technology.

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