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A Few Essential Graphic Design Tips


Essential-Graphic-Design-TipsGraphic designs are a necessary as well as decorative part of a website. The job involves a good knowledge and understanding of visual cues, colour balance and layout and presenting the information in a captivating way. Website designing also involves graphic designing and a graphic designer design a creative and perfect design suiting with web designing. Graphic design is everywhere, be it designing a logo, magazine cover, pamphlet, website, business cards or anything. But in every case a graphic designer needs to understand the audience and be skilled in the medium. Considering the number of talented designers out there, it would require real skills to make a mark in today’s business market. Therefore, what essential is learning the trade and enhancing your skills in whichever way you can and whenever you can.

Colour Palettes

Get started with examining the colour palettes; get an idea how to balance one colour with another, otherwise you will end up with colour clashes. But adding colours only won’t serve the purpose, some kind of theme is required and the colours you choose should be able to relate the message visually and enhance the project.  For the uplifting or inspirational message the lighter shades should be used keeping the darker colours for the technical or industrial projects.

Visual Cue

Visual cue is a big thing and it is the subtle graphic nuances that make a project stand out from the rest. The use of a background image, some abstract design, right font and typography, little extra graphics, shadows or some kind of visual magic, all these can make your work stand over others and make people jealous of your skills. But nothing should be done too much as it is most likely to result in giving your project an amateurish look rather than professional.


The basic layout is another big factor that needs to be given proper attention. You can change it later or add in fonts to the text. Choosing the right fond is vital as it is a big factor in sending the message you wish.

Custom Graphics

You can go for custom graphics that can be placed at strategic locations keeping in mind the preferred areas where eyes will fall and set them according to that. To make the company name or title highlighted you should have them near the top and use a kind of designing that will be able to grab the eyes of the onlooker in the first chance. The trick might be using a pattern overlay or a gradient for the text.

Look Good or Bad

One you have done everything, it’s time to take a good look at your creation as a graphic designer. May be you can understand whether it conveys proper message or not and develop some other opinions for enhancing the design. It is also the time to think if you have used the right color and if they are nicely blended with one another. Also watch out if any item is standing out from the rest and if it is looking good or bad.

Above all, the whole designing should be created keeping in mind the kind of audience you will have. If it were for the younger audience a well-known theme would suit it well, whereas, for the older audience a stylish and antique looking theme would serve the job better.

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