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10+ Tools and Resources for Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers ToolsGraphic Designers Tools

Graphic designers constantly look for online tools and apps that help them work smarter and better. The tools they look for are technical marvels as they make web designer’s life a bit easier and allow them to explore not just their technical craft but imagination as well. For any UI designer, finding a resourceful tool is indispensable to get their job done and make them feel more connected to the web designing world. It’s also a lot of fun and learning involved to find a new, cutting-edge tool.

If you are a UI developer and looking for some best of breed tools to enhance your graphic designing skills, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we have compiled a list of some top-notch tools that are sure to woo your advanced designing skills. The tools mentioned below are chosen on the basis of their quality, technology, and ease of use. You can pick any one of them and create engaging designs effortlessly.

So, without much ado, let’s discuss them all in detail.

1. Awesomeplete

Awesomeplete Tool for graphic designerIf it’s HTML5 <datalist> that scares you away then Awesomeplete is a tool that’s all what you need. The tool helps you cope with browser inconsistencies and lack of customizability. It’s a nice tool with a very friendly documentation to help you kick start the work. The tool can also be customized and it works across all the modern browsers.

2. Tool for Graphic is an awesome tool for anyone who plays around HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The tool moves beyond just a web-based application, but it’s also a full-fledged community online tool. Using it, you can easily share your work and explore some new techniques.

3. Avocode

Avocode ToolAvocode is a promising tool that lets designers code website and apps using PhotoShop or Sketch designs. The tool is backed by a reliable team who introduces us with CSS Hat and PNG Hat, so they have taken one step further with Avocode. Although Avocode is lauded for its amazing capabilities, but one thing that makes it unique is that it provides a Photoshop plugin that allows to sync your PSD into Avocode easily.

4. CSS Devices

CSS Device ToolCSS Device is a commendable resource created by Luke James Taylor. It’s a helpful tool that helps you generate CSS iOS devices for mockups. The tool is simple to use, just select the models, colors, and size of the iOS device and start generating CSS files to create prototypes.

5. Antetype

Antetype ToolCreate beautiful and highly responsive UIs for your applications and websites using this high-end tool called Antetype. The tool is known for creating high-fidelity prototypes and UX designs while making the most out of the content and layout.

6. Color Safe

Color Safe ToolDesigners often struggle to come up with a color palette that bonds that’s not only visually stunning but also accessible. Color Safe is a tool that actually helps them create color schemes that aren’t only accessible but appealing as well. It’s easy to use, just enter the font size, its weight, and the color background, Color Safe will pick the most suitable text colors with the right contrast for your website.

7. Stylie

Stylie ToolStylie is a spectacular tool when it comes to creating unique animations. It’s a web-based app that lets you create CSS3 animations in the simplest possible manner. Just configure your animation, modify the settings, and get the code.

8. Circulus

Circulus ToolCirculus is a remarkable tool that helps you create animated pie menus. The tool generates the relevant code for you and also instructs how to customize the same. It has  a very intuitive interface that helps you specify the kind of pie menu you are looking for. Circulus also comes with a detailed explanation of how to generate effective menus and integrate them to different pages.

9. ColorSchemeDesigner

ColorSchemeDesigner ToolColor Scheme is an integral part of designing a website and you have no reason to ignore  its significance. It’s clear in the name, ColorSchemeDesigner lets you create striking color schemes and then export them into an HTML/CSS format or any other format of your choice.

10. ai2html

ai2html Toolai2html is very useful script that converts illustrator files into HTML and CSS format. Using it, you can easily export your files either as images or SVG formats. However, we would suggest you to keep the HTML format to prevent scaling or editing related issues. To explore more, just click on the link that reads ‘Limitations’ and read it for yourself.

11. CSS Filter Lab

CSS Filter Lab ToolCreate a design that stands out using this fantastic tool known as CSS FilterLab. It’s a handy tool that helps you tweak HTML code, colors, and shapes depending upon your needs. It also allows you to add distinct animations for an added appeal.

12. CSS Ruler

CSS Ruler ToolGenerating effective CSS measurements can give a nerve-wracking experience to any designer. Fortunately, now we have a tool to cope with it. CSS Ruler is a bespoke tool that helps you explore different ways of measuring CSS. You can easily measure font lengths, viewport percentages, absolute lengths, and anything like that. Not only this, CSS Ruler also allows you to compare all of them in a grid.

To Conclude

With this, we wrap up our list of some top of the line tools for web designers. All of them are great and help you get through your work in the manner most effective.

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