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11 Tips to Create An Attractive Business Flyers

11 Business Flyers Design Tips11 Business Flyers Design Tips

Flyers are an interesting and impressive way to promote your business, irrespective of the size of your firm. In fact, in a survey conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, it came to be proven that 48 percent of the people who get flyers or leaflets directly act upon the advertisement.

They can either go to the business house or get information from them through some other means.

While flyers are a great marketing strategy, not all flyers serve the purpose in the current market.


Because most of them fail to grab the attention of the readers long enough so that they would go and buy the product or service.

So how can this goal be achieved by some creativity? Here are a few things you can do:

1. Create A Focal Point For Your Flyer

Begin by asking yourself the question,” What is the first thing I want my viewers to notice?”. Based on the answer create the focus of your flyer.

In order to keep it unique, here are a few things that you must consider:

2. An Attractive But A Professional Image

It’s important to use high-quality images. If the picture is of poor quality, dull and unclear then the message you want to send out to your audience will also be unclear.

It is important to use high-quality images which are clear and colorful in order to grab the attention of your viewers.

You can use an image to be the focal point of your flyer. This will go a long way to attract viewers.

3. Attractive Colours

It’s important to use colors that are consistent with the colors of your brand. Additionally, the colors you choose must be eye-catching. If your image is quite large, make sure that you are selecting a subtle but bright color to create your business flyer.

Once you select a color theme for your flyers, try to be consistent with it.

Of course, do not go all rainbow with your flyer. Too many colors will make the flyer look cluttered and unattractive.

4. Ideal Font and Text Style

Your style of lettering will go a long way to make your flyer attractive. A great image with subtle colors will be better if you are using the right size of fonts.

No matter which font you choose, just make sure that your letters are visible and readable.

5. Talk To Your Target Audience

Even before you start creating your flyer, make it a point to conduct some market research to find out what your target audience likes. This will help you to keep the tone of the message direct, in other words, focused on your target audience.

When I say “try to make a catchy flyer” it means a flyer which can grab the attention of the customers you want to cater to.

For instance, if you are targeting women for using a specific beauty product, the flyer should have specific beauty-related words.

The way you write the flyer also plays a huge role. Thus, you should use terms such as “you” instead of “your”instead of the word “we” use “I” and such.

6. Concentrate On The Benefits

You just cannot stop after grabbing the attention of your customers. You have to ensure that they stick to your flyer long enough for you to convey your whole message.

So how to keep them hooked like that? That too on a piece of paper?

There are a few things you can try for that. For instance, you can answer a very important question for your prospect. Or, you can highlight all the benefits he/she will reap from your products.

In order to keep your flyer interesting, you need to make your clients understand why are your products and services better than your competitors.

There are some terminologies that you can use to beat your competition. Some of them are “free”, “guarantee” or “discount”.

7. Make Sure Your Content Is Simple

When it comes to making attractive, out-of-the-box flyers, the lesser content you feed in, the greater the impact. Always remember that you will only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your clients. Further, you will only have one or two seconds to attract them to your product or service.

In that light, you will require crisp content which is bang on the point. The idea is to keep the content smart so that your potential customers get to know about your product without having to read a paragraph

Avoid making the flyer cluttered with a lot of images or texts.

In order to create short but sweet content, you can consider the following points:

Attractive Headlines: The idea is to make the headlines short and engaging by using carefully selected words. Try to get creative by incorporating powerful words and phrases. A few examples of these can be “ The Power of…” “Unlock” “5 tips” and such others.

8. Make Use of Action Words

Make the product offering even more engaging by using active verbs. Eschew using passive voice.

9. Make Use of Bullet Points

Ideally, you should use bullets or points where you are describing the product or highlighting its benefits. Bullets make it easy on the eyes to read the texts. This cannot be done in long paragraphs.

10. Offer Discounts To Your Clients

Everyone loves a discount and a good deal. In fact, it was revealed in a survey that almost 90 percent of consumers are influenced by some form of promotion when they make a purchase.

Going by that, giving out a coupon or promotional discount with your flyer will really make it interesting for the consumers.

Think about it and come up with options about coupons and deals that people cannot refuse, resist or find anywhere else.

There are many templates available online which you can use to create your flyers with coupons and discounts.

11. Add ‘Call To Action’ Button

Who says a call to action button is only seen on the website? In fact, one of the most important parts of your flyer content is a call-to-action statement. Basically, the call-to-action tells your readers what to do after they have received the information through the flyers.

The most common call-to-action statements are “Call Us” or “Order Now”. You can come up with a few interesting ones if you think hard I am sure.

So use these tips to create an attractive flyer the next time. All the best!

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