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Parental Control

Phone tracker apps have become very common in this day and time when new technologies are being invented every day. These new technologies have made parenting very challenging as compared to the old days. Due to the introduction of phones and computers, it is no longer possible for parents or guardians to monitor children the old-fashioned way. This is because children put passwords on their phones and computers that even their own parents cannot crack.

Attempts to follow up on the children’s well being, no matter how pure they may be, most of the time will be perceived by the child as an invasion of privacy and a lack of trust.  With the world becoming an increasingly dangerous place, parents and guardians have now turned to apps like hoverwatch in order to monitor their children’s presence on the phone and also online.


Hoverwatch is a spy phone app that allows the user to track a cell phone or computer in order to know what the users are up to. The phone monitoring app allows a parent or guardian to monitor what their children are up to on their phones and computers.

Hoverwatch monitors the devices in the background without the device user ever knowing that they are being monitored. This is good because it reduces the chance of them changing their devices or confronting their parents or guardians.

The app allows the parent or guardian to view the child’s contact list, messages and any files, photos or videos they share via WhatsApp, Viber or facebook. If your child does not use social media a lot, hoverwatch also monitors SMS and calls. The app also provides the real-time location of your child at any given time.


Hoverwatch offers the following to its users:

  • Real-time location of the device you are tracking. In case you get worried when your child doesn’t pick up your calls you can always use this to know exactly where they are.
  • Tracking of your child’s SMS, MMS and phone calls
  • It collects browsing information including the history and downloads
  • Photos and videos taken on the phones are sent to the overwatch server and you can download them online
  • Collecta information on each and every file sent via WhatsApp, Viber and facebook
  • The app remains completely hidden on the device that it is monitoring. The user will not know no matter how much they know how to use their phones.
  • The app still works even if the user changes the SIM card. You will get a notification everytime this happens
  • Hoverwatch allows you to monitor up to 5 devices at the same time in case the user has multiple devices.
  • Hoverwatch takes screenshots while the user is operating the phone. They are sent to the server and then sent too you. The user of the device is not aware when the screenshots are taken.

All the information is sent to hoverwatch servers where it is put together and then sent back to you in form of spreadsheets you can download and read.

Phone tracker apps

Hoverwatch also offers some tips on how to protect your child from cyberbullying:

  1. Get involved in your child’s online life. Strict supervision will deter the child from visiting some sites or giving personal information on those sites
  2. Make time to talk to your child about cyberbullying. Being aware is one of the most important weapons
  3. iii. Don’t deny your child a phone or access to the internet. However, set the limit to their usage from time to time.
  4. Let your child know that it is not okay to divulge personal information online. Teach them to ensure a little privacy. Cyberbullies usually use personal information of their victims.
  5. In case of attempts of bullying, teach your child to immediately change the username or password. If the bullying persists, let them shut down the account.

These tips are also helpful in protecting your child from online predators as well.

How To Install And Use Hoverwatch?

In order to use hoverwatch, you need to first:

  1. Go to this is the official website
  2. Create a free account if you don’t already have one. Hoverwatch is secure so you don’t have to worry about your information going elsewhere.
  3. Log into your account
  4. Make sure the phone you want to monitor has android version 4.0 or higher. If it doesn’t you won’t be able to install the required software.

Then you are all set to start monitoring your preferred device.

If you want to track a computer you will download the available software versions from your account and then transfer them to the computer you want to monitor. After transferring the software you will install it. Once installed, it is completely invisible to the user.

Benefits of using hoverwatch include

  • You will still be able to read your child’s Facebook messages even if he/ she has deleted them
  • You are able to find out where your child is at any moment
  • You will get information even if the SIM card is misplaced or delivered to another phone.

Other than hoverwatch there is other similar software in the market that serve the same purpose. These include:

  • Mobile Tracker Free
  • Flexispy
  • Ispyoo
  • Hellospy
  • mSpy
  • Quester
  • TheOneSpy
  • Bosspy
  • Ikey monitor
  • Riospy
  • Phone Tracker
  • Life 360
  • Find my friends

Some of these apps are compatible with other operating systems other than Android, Windows, and Mac. Parents with children who have devices with other operating systems such as blackberry can opt for these other choices depending on what suits them the most.

Phone tracker apps such us hoverwatcth are an effective and top quality software that allows you to monitor everything your child does on their smartphone and computer. So instead of sitting around all day wondering what your beautiful child is up to, who is he/she talking to, where does he/she go? Parents are now able to download and install hoverwatch and comfortably monitor their children’s movement, phone, and internet presence without their knowledge. That is 21st-century parenting.

However, when using a tracking app, it is important that the child does not know you are using one or this will jeopardize your chances of knowing what they are up to. You can also be misled in the process.

Phone tracker apps have offered parents the much-needed peace of mind when it comes to their children. Parents can now rest easy because they know where their children are, what they are doing who they interact with, who their friends are and many other aspects of their life. What could be more comforting to a parent?

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