7 Best Free Social & Gaming Apps for iPhone / iPad

There are so many excellent apps made especially for the iOS system and you might not be aware of all the amazing things that you can do on your tablet and cellphone. When you feel like taking your mind off...


A Handy Guideline On Creating A Weather App for Android OS

The exquisite features of Android mobile operating system have driven smartphones users towards it. Today, Google Play is loaded with hundreds and thousands of apps that allow you to perform ample number of activities while on a move. Right from...

Asana App

7 Project Management Apps To Help You In Business

The wave of apptization continues and project management too has been apptized. You will never have to sweat for finding a project management app, but you might so…. in order to find the right one for your business from the...

CoPilot GPS Travel App for iOS

Top 5 Apps to Help You in Travel Planning!

While travelling, especially in unknown and exotic destinations is indeed pleasurable, adrenaline –filling and fun, it is not without its share of risks, challenges and jeopardy, especially if one is travelling alone. Indeed it could be quite possible for one...

Each Platforms Uniqueness

5 Tips for Designing Mobile Apps

With smartphones' popularity ever rising, more companies consider creating a mobile app. Apps represent a business as a quick, more easily accessible option or supplementary feature to a website. Creating an app benefits both the company and their customer with instant,...

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