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ClassiEstate is a responsive wordpress classipress child theme for those who looking to turn your normal ClassiPress website into a Real Estate website! ClassiEstate also comes with a beautiful huge featured image slider at the homepage, and the single page layout is well structured to fulfill all the needs of a property listings website.

ClassiEstate Child Property listing theme

CassiEstate Child Theme Features

  • Fully responsive layout
  • Categories and submission forms pre-configured for a Real Estate website
  • Large Featured Slider to use instead of the default small one (optional)
  • Large main photo on the property details page
  • Comprehensive “Additional Features” list
  • Featured ad ribbon on ad listing and single pages
  • Auto-replace “Poster” with “Owner”, ”Agent” and “Dealer”
  • Top Ad Posters Widget
  • Social Media Sharing on Ad pages
  • BONUS: Extra Sidebar for Ad Category and Tags Archive Page
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.2+

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ClassiClean Child Theme for Classipress

ClassiClean is a cool responsive child theme for ClassiPress that looks neat, minimal and black and white look. CassiClean child theme has minimal graphics that makes the pages load more quicker which is suitable for content heavy website. This responsive Classiclean child theme can be viewed in all users viewport and some more features are also available in this child theme.

ClassiClean Simple Child Theme

ClassiClean Child Theme Features

  • Fully responsive theme
  • Clean, black and white layout
  • Compatible with most of the plugins available for ClassiPress
  • Featured ad tag on ad listing and single pages
  • Sold ad tag on ad listing and single pages
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.2+
  • WordPress Multisite compatible

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Headline Child Theme for Classipress

Headline is one of the more impressive ClassiPress child themes. Headline child theme for ClassiPress si incorporates most of the features of ClassiPress and also helps you to create a stylish and professional classified listing board and supports for most popular third party plugins which is used by the Classipress community.

Headline Child Corporate Theme

Few features available in Headline Child Theme that add some more flexibility to the already impressive ClassiPress theme.

  • Support for all functions of the base ClassiPress theme;
  • Support for the 3rd party plugin “Extreme Carousel” (no tweaking necessary);
  • Supprt for the 3rd party plugin “Advanced Search Premium” (no tweaking necessary);
  • Includes five different colour variations (red, blue, green, orange, & purple)
  • Uses CSS3 behaviours for extra user-experience goodness

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Classisky Child Theme for Classipress

ClassiSky is a responsive child theme for ClassiPress . So your classipress site can be viewed perfectly on Desktops, Laptops, Smartphone’s, tablet’s and monitors with different resolutions.

Classisky Responsive Child Theme

ClassiPress site will adjusts layout automatically by keeping all the resolutions once you install this Classisky theme. ClassiSky child theme have stylish and elegant look. It also add a clean & clear appearance by diminishing graphics and stands for those website which are having heavy content. Child theme comes with unique features.

ClassiSky Child Theme Features

  • Clean, light blue and white layout.
  • Featured ad tag on ad listing and single pages.
  • Sold ad tag on ad listing and single pages.
  • WordPress Multisite compatible
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.1.9+

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Phoenix Child Theme For Classipress

Phoenix is one of the stylish and easily customizable child theme for ClassiPress which is packed with some useful and awesome features. This Phoenix child theme maintain the modern style by kkeping minimum design element and puts all your work first. Phoenix is completely responsive and can be displayed in any user viewport, use language translation packs and tested with all available plugins that are recommended by AppThemes.

Phoenix Child Theme

Phoenix child theme Features

  • “Sold” Ribbon in listing and “Sold” stamp in single ad
  • Responsive for all kind of mobile devices like mobile phones or tablets
  • “Featured” Ribbon in listing and single ad
  • Highlight ad background when ad is featured
  • Sticky ads on top of category & search
  • Bigger Google Map under ad description
  • “New’ sign when ad is less then 1 day online
  • No Price Tag when ad author sets “0? (Zero)
  • Supports for “Price is negotiable” sign when customer agrees
  • Better tab positions including the category
  • URLs and emails in posts are clickable
  • Admin can see the IP from ad author under the ad description
  • Support multiple languages
  • WordPress Multisite compatible
  • This child theme is READY for ClassiPress 3.3

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