How To Migrate Mac Outlook 2011 To PC Outlook 2010?


Mac Outlook 2011Every email client has a distinct quality due to which a user owns it. However, with passage of time, its usability describes its actual ability or drawback due to which it is being replaced by some other application. In this section, reasons for migrating from Outlook 2011 to Outlook 2010 are discussed along with methods to convert OLM file data to PST.

For every small and huge change, there is a reason. To switch from Outlook 2011 to Outlook 2010, there can be various effectual explanations. For example: there is no mail merge option in Mac Outlook, we cannot categorize the address book, the rules and alerts function is not that powerful as that in PC Outlook. Moreover, One Note is missing and the non-compatibility of Mac Outlook with MS CRM products is disappointing.

So, owing to such reasons if users plan to move from Outlook 2011 to 2010 edition, then data transfer is must in order to continue working with the email data. But, the attempt to import .olm file into Outlook Windows fails with error: “The file <path>.olm is not an Outlook data file (.pst)”. This error is encountered as PC Outlook does not support OLM data files and unfortunately Microsoft has no utility or inbuilt option to convert OLM to PST. These circumstances end up with query how to migrate Mac Outlook 2011 to PC Outlook 2010.

However, Microsoft does not provide any direct solution for this problem; there are indirect solutions to work around. To transfer OLM data to PST file, this two step solution can be followed:

Synchronize Outlook 2011 Data with Exchange Server:

If the data is transferred to mailbox on Exchange Server, it can be accessed by Outlook for Windows. By connecting Outlook Mac with Exchange using cached mode/online mode, this can be made possible.

Export Exchange Mailbox Data to Outlook PST File:

With the help of Exmerge utility, it is possible to export mailbox data from Exchange Server to PST.

What is Online Exchange Server?

Exchange online is a hosted version of Exchange Server. It is the cloud email service by Microsoft that works on the same technology as that of Exchange Server. The user mailbox data is saved on large data centers with complete anti-spamming and antivirus protection. A maximum of 25GB space is provided that can be expanded and the cost/plan for the month can be set accordingly. Mailboxes can be added and the cost is less as compared to on-premise Exchange Server as the organization does not need to invest for individual Server. More details can be acquired online.

How to Convert Outlook 2011 with Exchange Online

1)   In Mac Outlook, go to ‘Tools’ menu and click ‘Accounts’>> ‘Exchange Account’

2)   No enter information related to Exchange account. This comprises of following sections:

  • In the text box for ‘Email address’ and ‘User name’, enter the email address
  • In the ‘Method’ box under authentication section, select ‘User name and Password
  • Enter the password in ‘password’ box and enable the ‘Configure Automatically’ check box
  • Click on ‘Add Account’ in bottom-left of the same window

Note: When the ‘Add Account’ option is selected, the program, i.e. Outlook 2011 performs an online search in order to find your mail Server settings.

3)   You will be asked to give confirmation to Server to configure your settings. Enable the check box for ‘Always use my response for this server’ and click ‘Allow’.

4)   An Accounts dialog box will appear in the left navigation pane. Close the dialog box.

Once the account creation process is complete; click the ‘Account Name’ to view mail details.

Export Exchange Mailboxes to Outlook PST

Microsoft provides Exmerge utility that provides users facility to convert Exchange mailboxes to Outlook PST. With the option ‘Extract Data from Exchange Server Mailbox’ (included in two step procedure), it is possible to save mailboxes on Exchange Server to Outlook PST in simple steps.

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