Popular WordPress Frameworks: Genesis and PlatformPro

Genesis Framework

WordPress is the most popular platform to build websites and is powering millions of websites cutting across different genres. This popularity is being led by different frameworks that allow developers to build custom websites in a short time. Now you might wonder what a framework is. A framework is nothing but a complex theme which functions just like a regular WordPress theme. The only difference being that they primarily work with a child theme or skin. These child themes can easily be customized allowing developers to build sites more efficiently. You might ask why you should make use of a framework. The answer is simple it allows you to make our own changes in a pre-existing theme that came with it.

Let us now take a look at the two most popular WordPress frameworks that have been used by developers to design robust websites.

Genesis Framework

Genesis FrameworkThis framework produced by StudioPress comes with 38 child themes. This makes it highly popular among developers as they can easily build a custom website making use of this framework. Genesis can be applied to a wide range of website genres. Let us take a look at some of the features and advantages of using Genesis.

  • Search Optimization – This is one of the most important factors when it comes to designing a website. The site needs to fare well on the search engines to gain popularity. Genesis introduces state of the art code and smart design architecture that attracts the search engine crawlers earning high ranking for targeted keywords.
  • Easy To Use – It takes only a couple of minutes to set up this framework and doesn’t require you to have coding skills.
  • Child Theme Creation – If you aren’t satisfied with the child themes that come along with Genesis the framework also offers you the option to create your own child themes. This adds to the advantage of using this framework.
  • Turn Key Designs – The look and appearance of a website is very vital to its success and Genesis gives you turn-key designs that offer beautiful frames for your content. This gives you great control over the framework of your website.
  • Unlimited Everything – With Genesis you will enjoy unlimited support, updates and options for designing and developing your website. It is a highly cost effective framework that brings down the cost of developing a robust website substantially. This framework is available for only $59.95.

PlatformPro Framework

PlatformPro FrameworkThis framework produced by Pagelines uses just one child theme that can be completely customized with drag and drop features that don’t require any coding skills. PlatformPro also has some amazing features like Ajax image uploading, advanced fonts, fixed and full width designing, blog and magazine layout modes. All these make this framework a first choice for developers looking to create highly customized websites in WordPress.  Here are some of the features of this framework –

  • Easy Design Options – The drag and drop feature that we have already mentioned offers numerous design options to the developers. The content section can be customized to meet the niche demands. Apart from this you also get many design modes such as the blog layout or magazine. The framework also offers you fixed width and full width designs options.
  • Sections Feature – With the help of this feature you can easily incorporate pre-designed modules like JavaScript, HTML and other programming codes into the website. This feature is quite similar to using widgets.
  • SEO Options – Search engine optimization for any website and PlatformPro allows you to easily build search engine friendly websites. The clean codes attract the search engine crawlers that help in gaining higher rankings on the search engine results pages.
  • Great Performance – The framework has been designed such that it allows you to load the codes very easily. In practice this means that the codes can easily be loaded on the pages where they are being used. This factor contributes to great performance of the website in terms of its load speed.
  • Meta Options – This framework also offers you Meta options that are exclusively available in order for customization of every single thing present on every page. These can be applied to custom images, carousel, items, and boxes.
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