Promote Yourself As A Freelancer With A WordPress Site


wordpress-code-imageAs a freelancer, it can often be difficult to publicize your services to a relevant target market in order to achieve a sustainable line of work. By establishing your own WordPress site, you can capitalize upon a vast interactive platform through which you can efficiently and consistently communicate with prospective clients or potential employers.

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Promote Yourself To Prospective Clients

Your own WordPress site is a valuable resource which can significantly elevate your online status as a freelancer. For example, careers such as personal tutors can use WordPress sites to advertise themselves at peak times of the year, such when there is a high demand for tutoring college kids for their SAT and ACT aptitude tests. If you have your own WordPress site, you can affiliate yourself with larger sites which are relevant to your line of work, in order to augment your online presence. For example, with respect to personal tutors, they can link themselves to unified tutoring sites such as  MathsDoctor and Tutor’sLink which connect students with tutors in their area, thereby providing freelancers with a viable line of sustainable employment. Prospective clients can view your services on an interactive platform and, subsequently, they will be more likely to seek your freelancing services.

Customize your WordPress site

Jarida-WordPress-Wide-Magazine-ThemeFurthermore, you can customize your WordPress site to better showcase your unique freelancing services. You can regularly posts blogs with topics relevant to your line of business, as well as incorporating multimedia images and video links to keep followers intrigued and invested in your services. You can personalize your WordPress site with various themes and designs, all of which contribute to making your freelancing services stand out from the vast majority which exist upon the internet.

Promote Yourself Across Social Networks

WP-Facebook-PluginAdditionally, utilising a WordPress site enables you to coordinate all of your social networking sites. This permits you to publicize your freelancing services to a wide variety of potential clients and employers. Simply use the Jetpack plugin on your WordPress site and follow the installation process to link your WordPress site to social networking communities such as Facebook. After installing Jetpack, there are a series of screenshots you can follow which take you through a step-by-step process on how to configure the sharing services regarding your posts. Therefore, each time you write a post on your WordPress site, you can be certain that it will be automatically posted onto your Facebook and other social networking sites, therefore increasing your online presence exponentially. The more online traffic you can generate towards your WordPress site, the more effectively you can promote your freelancing services to a wide range of clients.

Ultimately, having your own WordPress website enables you to effectively promote your freelancing services to a wide variety of potential clients and employers in an accessible and professional manner. You can have access to a professional online platform, which enables you to interact immediately and efficiently with various online communities. Having your own WordPress site allows you to update your services and credentials regularly, communicate with prospective clients and employers as well as allowing you to remain notified of changes within your freelancing industry and any potential competition you may encounter. In today’s society, business becoming more and more focused and integrated with technology and online social networking. It is crucial you remain up to date and integrated within this business process, in order to establish and sustain a lucrative online presence through which to further your freelancing career.

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