Why WordPress Is The Best Free CMS!


wordpress-cloudWordPress has indeed grown from a blogging site, which began service operations way back from May 27, 2003 and has grown exponentially into one of the largest online Content Management Services (CMS) platform available today having at least around 60 million users all over the globe.  Some of the major reasons why WordPress has grown from strength to strength in just a decade are:

  • It is a totally free CMS platform that truly enjoys audience and people
  • It is extremely fast, versatile, user-friendly and has bespoke modification core facilities.
  • It offers both manual and automatic installation
  • Through the usage of numerous plug-ins, it is possible to create, provide and sustain wide and useful range of customized tasks and applications which may not be readily available in other blogging or CMS platforms at low if no costs

Some of the major areas in which WordPress may be used for beginners are:

  • Selection of Niche and Keyword research which is important when things boil down to SEO tasks where firms compete for gaining higher rankings
  • Choice of  Domain Names that are in sync with products, services or utilities
  • Registration of Domain names that are appropriate for business and for marketing
  • Setup of Web Hosting Account and maters connected therewith
  • Regularly updating and refurbishing Domain Name Servers
  • Creation of Domain Name email Account
  • Installation of WordPress using Fantastico or any other suitable application
  • Manual installation of WordPress blog
  • Adding WordPress themes to the blog
  •  Installation of WordPress Plugins into blogs. This is very important since it offers customizable tasks and needs adaptability. Some of the more popular plug-ins is, inter alia, All-in-One SEO Packs, Google Analytics, Ads Rotate, WordPress database, Facebook Comments and so on.
  • Gaining SEO for the blogs
  • Category Creations for blogs
  • Extra pages creation for blogs
  • Scribing the first post on the blogs
  • Adding pictures, content and video onto the blogs
  • Add Legal value to WordPress Blogs
  • Add Google Analytics to Blogs
  • Enjoining Adsense and Affiliate Banners to the blogs
  • Seeking marketing strategies through which traffic generation techniques could be added to blogs

For a beginner with no previous experience dealing with blogging, or CMS sites, the start could be indeed challenging, tense and error prone, but people learn from mistakes don’t they? However the use of most of these tips could indeed cushion the falls and make the learning experiences less risk filled and more enjoyable.

  • Selection of the blog theme is very important and could make all the difference between a good one and a bad one. Themes are very much like website templates and provide blogs with desired looks. The selection could either be online or through bespoke theme designed.
  • Widget ready themes are more preferable since widgets facilitate addition, deletion or readjustment of sidebar items more conveniently and comfortably, thus simplifying experimentation with various arrangements
  • Folder management is very important too and all installed themes should be stored in folders and all files need to be placed in wp-content/themes directory.

Indeed WP is the first and last word in current day CMS and blogging since it offers a variety of advantages, user benefits and versatility those others cannot boast about. Besides, 60 million users who swear by WP cannot all be wrong, can they?

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