WordPress Classipress Child Theme Eldorado


Eldorado is a wordpress classipress child theme that looks more stylish and also it can be read easily. Eldorado is tested with different languages and now ready to use its language translation packs.

Eldorado wordpress classipress child theme is packed with of some excellent features like featured ads at slider, Sold and Featured Ribbon in ad listings, Price tags, multilingual support, Google map integrations, sticky ads and even more.

Preview Eldorado child theme for other features and Download this wordpress classipress child theme.

Wordpress Classipress Child Theme

WordPress Classipress Child Theme Eldorado Features

  • “Sold” Ribbon in listing and “Sold” stamp in single ad
  • Bigger Slider for featured ads
  • “Featured” Ribbon in ad listings
  • Highlight ad with corner stars when ad is featured
  • Sticky ads on top of category & search
  • Bigger Google Map under ad description
  • “New’ sign when ad is less then 1 day online
  • “Price is negotiable” sign when customer agrees
  • Better tab positions including further tab “categories”
  • No Price Tag when ad author sets “0? (Zero)
  • URLs and emails in posts are clickable
  • Support multiple languages
  • WordPress Multisite compatible

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