13 Useful Photoshop Tools & Techniques for Your Workflow

Useful Photoshop Tools

Useful Photoshop ToolsOne of the most important aspects when it comes to professional designing is productivity. Photoshop is a powerful software that is used to process photos and manipulate images. Its functionality can be increased significantly by using some useful tools, templates and plugins. This allows designers to pay more attention to their designs rather than focusing on the tool that they are working with. Below are some of the tools that will make everything easier for professional designers.

1. Mr. Stacks

This is small script that can be used on Photoshop in the generation of storyboards, PDFs and stacks among others. It does this much more efficiently and quickly from the Layers Comps in the software. It is ideal for creating a series of animation, advertisements and elements of storytelling in your designs.

2. Photoshop Tych Panel

Web designers and photographers alike know how much time can be wasted in resizing and scaling the images and photographs. However, you will see no need for the existing templates once you get the portrait photoshop Tych Panel tool. It allows you to automate the n-Tych process entirely with numerous layouts to choose from. It was developed by Reimund Trost and is offered freely to the users with permission to modify or redistribute it.

3. Pixel Proliferation

This is one special tool that can be used in the management of screen resolution much easily. It comes with a PS5 marquee-tool presets collection that can be used for the usual screen resolutions, to cover the fixed screen-resolution, the rare resolutions and the standard ratios. To provide the common devices used in computing and designing of presentations there is a full collection of the layered CS5 PSDs.

4. CSS Sprite

This is an ideal tool that you can use to generate CSS positions for Sprites. Once you have it you can easily add Sprite location followed they the creation of click effects and hover that will assist you in jQuery. The JSX Photoshop script that combines two images might also be worth checking out.

5. Golden Crop

This is a Photoshop Script that you can use to crop with respect to the golden rule. It is easy to use because of the visual guidelines it has. Its requirements are CS2, CS3, CS4 or CS5 (they have to be amd64 or the x86 versions). It works well in both windows and Mac operating systems.

6. Browser UI

This is an action that can be used to create a browser window of any size to be used in a Photoshop document. It is free and comes with the Internet Explorer 6 UI. In case you want the deluxe version that has versions of Chrome, Firefox and safari then you have to pay $3.

7. Open with Photoshop 0.6

This is an amazing add-on that you can use on Firefox and allows graphic designers to open web images with Photoshop with a click. It will save a significant amount of your time.

8. Foxguide

This is one of the best Firefox extensions that allows you to see both vertical and horizontal guides as you work on your Photoshop document. You can also move and remove the floating guides from the webpage in the same manner that it is done in Photoshop. The guides play a big role when it comes to designing symmetry, structure and the perfect layout.

9. The modular Grid Pattern

This is an application that can be used by web designers to help them create a modular grid quickly and easily in Photoshop, Fireworks, Microsoft Expression Design, GIMP and many other applications. This extension requires that you have CS5.

10. 960gs Extend Script for Photoshop CS5

This is a raw script that still crashes if you enter the wrong setting and inputs. However, it has several awesome features that you might want to try out including use of 0 to disable gutter width and allows you to add evenly-spaced guidelines that are horizontal if you want too.

11. Workspace import/export script for Photoshop

This script, allow you to do some simple exporting and importing of the Photoshop workspace. It works well with both CS4 and CS5. This means you can easily move your workspace from CS4 to CS5 thus making it easy to share the workspaces with other people and machines.

12. Subpixel Hinted Font-Rendering

This method allows you to simulate the actual text in your Photoshop document. The workflow by Thomas Maier was saved as a workflow. You can download it for free and use it.

13. The Image Processor Script

This is an easy way to resize and convert Photoshop documents in CS4 to JPEG, TIFF and PSD. After the modification you can export the CMYK JPEGs and CMKY and also export the PNG images.

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