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4 Tips for Taking Your Legal Business into the 21st Century


Every business across the world needs to be able to accept change and adapt their practices to keep up with the continually evolving needs and demands of today’s consumer, and the legal profession is no different.

It could be argued that those in the legal business need to work even harder at staying relevant as competition in this industry is as fierce as it has ever been, and customers are demanding more from their legal professionals than ever before.

From where and when they want to be able to connect with your legal business, to what they expect when they enlist your services, to how they expect to be able to pay you, keep reading to discover the top four tips for how you can take your legal business into the 21st Century; as failure to do so could result in your business not only failing to thrive but even to survive in 2020 and beyond.

1. Embrace social media

Having a well-thought-out social media strategy in place is vital for all firms today, as, without a strong and expanding online presence, you cannot hope to succeed.

Always make sure that your social media pages directly correlate with your brand identity as you want your business to come across as a cohesive and unified one that your customers can understand and rely upon.

Your social media presence should help you to:

  • Reach potential new clients
  • Develop new relationships
  • Demonstrate your expertise within the legal industry
  • Gather invaluable insights into your competitors
  • Generate new leads

2. Utilize case management software

Did you know that the average lawyer spends an estimated 48% of their time on basic administrative tasks? Furthermore, they spend, on average, 2.3 hours per day on billable tasks.

Surely, you would prefer your legal business to be able to spend more time helping your clients and building a reputation as an efficient and fast-working business than spending hours each day carrying out menial tasks?

Redbrick Solutions currently helps over 3000 legal professionals to streamline their services, making their firms more efficient and profitable. With software that can help with practice management, business intelligence, and security, if you want to stay a step ahead of the game in 2020, then you should consider investing in case management software.

3. Make sure your website is responsive

In case you don’t already know, more and more consumers are accessing the internet via their smartphones, with an expected 72% of people only using their mobile devices to access the web by 2025. It has never been more critical for law firms to ensure that their online platform is responsive, meaning that it can be accessed and viewed on multiple devices, including mobile phones without the customer experience being compromised.

It is also vital that your website loading speed is as fast as possible as the average user will not wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load before they will give up and go elsewhere.

4. Become more client-focused

As competition within the legal profession is at its highest rate yet, you need to now, more than ever, ensure that you are adapting your business to suit the needs of today’s customers.

For example, you may want to look into your prices, rates, and billing processes to make sure that they are both realistic and what your customer base wants and expect from a legal business, with many firms no longer choosing to a bill by the hour.

It is also beneficial to communicate with your customers in ways that suit them best while still maintaining your company’s data security policies.

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