5 Advantages of Custom Logo Design


Custom Logo DesignWhether you have a well-established business or a start up, you surely need brand recognition. With a custom logo design, you can have a unique identity, which is very important to catch the eye of target customers and create a long lasting name for your company. A logo or icon should be original and unique to set the organization apart from its competitors and a customized one is more capable of representing the objectives, values and philosophies of the company. A custom does not follow any specific rules or regulations and is more innovative and appealing.

1. Uniqueness

A custom logo design will first and foremost separate you from the competition and make you stand out in the industry or service. It will make it clear that you belong to the industry, and additionally, that you are a better option. Nowadays, there are many businesses offering similar products or services, which makes recognition of the company more difficult. A customized logo is produced keeping in mind the characteristics of the company and its special selling proposition, distinguishing it from other competitors.

2. Connection with Target Market

Your logo or icon is the first thing that attracts customers and creates an interest in them. Once the logo has become popular, it becomes the most important medium for contacting you with the target market. The symbol can establish the reputation of your company and make it credible in the eyes of the niche market.

3. Versatility

A custom logo is more flexible and versatile, as it can be used in several mediums and is equally appealing in all of them. The design can also be adjusted according to the changing requirements of your business, as the main theme can be kept constant and changes can be made to give the appropriate identity relevant to the changing faces of the business. Modifications can be made in the color, the font or the text, keeping the basic impact the same, in order to maintain brand recognition. People will continue to identify with the logo even if you incorporate these changes. The advantage is that a professional graphic designer can increase the appeal and functionality. It is more dynamic and can be used in your website or billboards and even at the company gate. Besides, you can use it for promotional ads in mugs, t-shirts or in key chains and so on.

4. Presenting a larger Image

Having a custom logo presents a larger image of your company than what it actually is. People will believe your company to be bigger when they view a custom logo and will credit it with a larger number of employees and greater experience, providing you with an edge over competitors. It creates a bigger impact on the customer’s mind and this becomes more memorable.

5. Representing your Future Image

A custom design can be created to represent the position of your business in the future or the next few years. You can visualize the potential of your company and then have the logo customized to represent your vision. An ordinary logo will end up implying that your business is a seasonal one and can be soon gone.

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