5 Best Joomla Modules for Event Calendar

Joomla Modules for Event Calendar

Joomla Modules for Event CalendarJoomla is a highly popular content management system used by a large number of developers. Using the right calendar module with this CMS can be quite a task owing to the huge varieties available in the market. Some of them have to be purchased while some others can be downloaded for free.

The good thing is that many of calendar and events extensions available on the Joomla extensions repository that serve most of your purposes, are available for free download. You can simply look up for them over the internet and you are bound to find quite a few of them that will be appropriate to address your development needs. However, if you still find it challenging to figure out which of them is the most suitable module for event calendars, then read on!

Here we present our list of the 5 best Joomla modules for the event calendar to choose from:

1. The Spider Calendar

This top-rated calendar is extremely useful as a Joomla module. This calendar can also be used as a component in itself and is not just a module. It provides a high degree of configurability and flexibility to provide multiple events in the calendar. In order to view the day’s events, all you have to do is click on that particular date and you will have access to the recordings of the day. It also supports events that last for more than one day.

2. GCalendar

This is one of the most popular calendars of the Joomla Extensions Directory. The best part about this calendar is that it facilitates smooth synchronisation with the Google calendar of the system. Thus, it functions exactly like the Google calendar. This is one of the best things about Gcalendar and hence, it is highly sought after amongst the Joomla users. The Gcalendar can be accessed only if you have a Google account. Owing to its unique feature of allowing connectivity with the widely used Google calendars, the GCalendar module is one of the most widely used calendar on Joomla powered websites.

3. Zap Calendar

If Gcalendar works like the Google calendar then zap calendar works in sync with the iCalendar, the popular calendar application of iPhone and iPads. It can perform all the functions of an iCalendar. This calendar will synchronize all events, appointments, reminders and recordings with your iCalendar. It also supports 3rd party applications and most of the Joomla extensions. Hence, it is the best thing to have if you are using the iOS on any of your devices.

4. JEvents

JEvents is another calendar extension for Joomla worth exploring. This calendar lets you perform multiple activities in a go. This calendar has a wide range of plug-ins available with it and also has a separate list for feature events which can be viewed upon clicking. Additionally, it lets you download all the JEvents so that you can view them offline as well. Also, this calendar has a location manager and a layout manager. This is one calendar that is definitely handy, practical and useful. Developers should definitely give this calendar a try when developing Joomla based CMS solutions.

5. JCalpro

This calendar comes with a calculator as it is evident from its name. It also has numerous modules and plug-ins attached to it. It is one of the most popular Joomla-friendly calendars. What’s more, this calendar also has an embedded content editor plug in. It has a virtually endless feature set, such as private and community calendars, integration with JomSocial and Community Builder.

This one of the most Joomla-friendly calendars and is highly sought after by Joomla users. As if having a calculator and so many amazing in-built features weren’t enough, this calendar also showcases upcoming events on the side. Could it really get any better?


Though there are a large number of Joomla modules for event calendars, these are the 5 best ones. These are highly prominent and sought after modules amongst the Joomla users. It is these calendar extensions that are extremely useful and at times, more practical than Joomla’s in-built calendars. Hence, if you are a developer who works with Joomla and are looking for good event calendar modules, then this list is ideal for you.

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