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5 Contemporary Design Trends in Mobile Content Development


Mobile Content DevelopmentThere has been a boom in sales of hand-held mobile devices in recent times. Businesses are trying to exploit this trend by establishing strong mobile presence. There are two popular ways of establishing mobile presence for businesses. While optimizing websites for mobile devices is one, developing mobile apps is the other way to acquire a strong mobile presence. When it comes to successful mobile presence, delivering the exact expectations of visitors is the key. This article deals with the latest trends in mobile content in both mobile sites and mobile apps.

1. Organize The Layout

Whether it be a mobile site or a mobile app, the first and foremost thing to focus on is the layout. The primary concern of the visitor is the mobile content because the very purpose of visitor arriving at your mobile site or using your app is to find the needed information. Although design matter, it is only a secondary concern for the visitor. Splitting up content according to page hierarchy is a good idea. Since the screen sizes of mobile devices do not provide the luxury of lavish content, opting for list list-view column of links is the right way to go. Linking pages through the list will also provide larger space for the content.

2. Simple User Interface

As far as the success of mobile apps are concerned, simple user interface is the secret. Currently, people of all literacy levels are using smart mobile devices to perform various tasks. If your business targets the common man, then make sure that your apps can be used by less tech-savvy people without any difficulty. It is true that internally apps can perform complicated tasks, but unless users find it easy to navigate and use the features, the design would be a flop. In case of mobile sites, use large size call-to-action buttons and make sure they are visible on various screen sizes.

3. Adaptive Typography And Colors Schemes

Using adaptive typography and color schemes is a way to attract the attention of a broad spectrum of users. Colors do have their impact on decision making capabilities of potential clients. If your target audience is a mixed lot, it is a good idea to provide them with the option of choosing their favorite colors. Adjustable typography has proved to increase the performance of mobile sites. Today, people hardly have time to concentrate on textual content and tiny text in web pages would annoy the users. Using infographics to explain complex concepts is a good way of expressing your views.

4. Crisp Textual Content

Textual content for mobile devices should provide as much details as possible in a crisp manner. Even mobile apps involved in publishing should keep the textual content simple and readable. Since it is not possible to provide all of the information in detail, creating meaningful and crisp textual content go well with mobile users. It is a good idea to provide a link to your regular website so that visitors looking for more details can have a glance at it.

5. Images and Icons

The images and icons should adhere to the current trends for better impact on the users. It is obvious that giants in mobile industry such as Google and Apple are the trend setters, when it comes to style of the content. Adhering to the latest style aspects such as more rounded corners for icons and intuitive color schemes for images is the way to design trendy looking mobile apps and sites.

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