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5 Benefits of an Online Payment Processing System

Online Payment Processing SystemOnline Payment Processing System


Are you looking for ways to accept payments from clients and customers without necessarily spending too much on transactional costs? Are you thinking about signing up for online payment processing systems like Fattmerchant payment processing?

Are you skeptical about its perceived or touted benefits? If yes, this article exactly what you need as well be examining the benefits of these online payment processing systems and how they can help your business. In fact, we recommend that all small businesses looking to become technologically advanced or looking to improve their edge need these systems. That said, let’s jump right in.

1. Savings on Credit Card Processing

There are currently many online payment processing service providers. The thing with these options is that they often have varying transactional costs. Some of these companies are upfront about these costs, while others lure you in with lower rates and then add so much markup that takes a chunk out of your profits.

Services like FattMerchant’s online payment processing system don’t do this. If anything, they help you save more money by eliminating the “middle man” and drastically cutting down on the usual markup costs. So far, FattMerchant is the only payment processing system that offers a zero percent markup cost.

This means that you won’t have to pay any additional costs like other service providers charge. This can result in as much as 40 percent savings in credit card processing costs as you’ll only be charged at the standard credit card processing rates. This may not seem like a lot when you’re processing a few orders. But when you’re processing large order volumes, this can soon add up into a significant sum.

2. Faster Payment Processing

With a payment processing system, one of the best things you can do is process your payments faster and deliver clients products and services quicker and faster.

Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than having to wait for a few hours for their check or payment to clear, when they can get those payments cleared almost instantly by another service. Having the online payment processing system helps ensure that all transactions are processed immediately, resulting in faster product deliveries and services.

3. Quicker Access to Funds

For many small businesses, having access to their funds almost instantly, is what keeps their doors open and drives their business growth. Payment processing mechanisms can and do help clients have access to their monies shortly after.

Usually, the processing and everything takes no longer than two days. If this is what you want whilst avoiding the stress of dealing with cash, you need a reputable and highly affordable card processing firm like FattMerchant to handle that for you.

4. Faster Invoicing and Tracking

In the past, tracking invoices, receipts and debts was time wasting and tedious. Now? Not so much. Courtesy of online payment processing systems, all businesses can quickly take a cursory look at their books and easily tell which client is owing what, which clients have paid, which client’s receipts are necessary for cross-referencing among other things.

5. Integration with Current Systems

One of the best things about these payment processing systems is the fact that you may not need to completely overhaul your payment systems. For instance, FattMerchant’s payment processing system can be easily integrated with your current POS.

This way, you can save more money as it eliminates the need for a new system. However, if you want more efficiency, FattMerchant can provide you with some excellent free equipment that can help with the easy integration.

These payment systems have come to stay. Savvy business owners would do well to sign up for a system today to make their business processes very easy and straightforward.

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