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Compare NFC Online Payment Options: Apple Pay v/s Google Wallet v/s PayPal


NFC is what we are going to have all around us in the near future, especially with anything related to paying online. Mobile money technology that we use today is going to get bigger with the NFC facilitated online payment options like Apple Pay, Google Wallet and PayPal and make is easy for us to do simplified and secured transactions most effectively.

Big merchants across the world like Wal-Mart, CVS, Rite Aid and 7-Eleven have already worked on their payment systems equipped with NFC readers and Bar Codes Scanners for facilitating money transactions. All you would need to do here is to show your device to the payment system and get your fingerprint identified. And you are done!

Let’s compare the top three for efficiency and reliability:

Apple Pay

apple payThis is undoubtedly the most talked about near field communication systems gaining great response from users worldwide. It’s easy to configure and use and is friendly with different debit and credit card options. The best part is you don’t need to enter your details making online purchases with Apple Pay.

What’s good: It is considered as a highly secure way to transact money as it doesn’t store your number anywhere in any way. It rather uses a code assigned to your number to process the transaction which can only be cracked if someone has your phone and your fingerprints. That’s next to impossible!

What’s not: As of now, you can’t see the same card working twice. So, it requires you to pony up your device. For the online payments you need to have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus or the latest versions of iPad or you will not be able do the payments.

Google Wallet

google-wallet-cardOne of the firsts to use NFC services! With this service, you can work with large array of payment cards just like Apple Pay. Initially though, Google Inc. had problems making the Google Wallet work with credit cards. To sort this out Google created a MasterCard debit account to work at the backend against your card details and now this works all effectively.

What’s good: Almost all cards work with Google Wallet.

What’s not: Compatibility is still the issue that it needs to work on as Wallet only works with a few Android devices. So, it needs to work on expansion. Well, another drawback is the indirect transaction that might let you lose your points and rewards gained in the transactions to others. A little disappointing that is.


paypalPayPal is a leader in payment domain. With NFC embedded options, it reassures its presence in the business of transactions. PayPal gives you the autonomy to pay using interactive ways to get registered with merchant through different secured payment options.

What’s good: Here you can even pay with your bank account and not just the cards. You are also given a choice to transfer money to friends having PayPal account.

What’s not: Well, it can at times become a bit confusing as different merchants could ask for different modes of payment. Also, only a few of them accept in-store payments.

These are the comparisons based on information referred from various important sources. Based on your personal experiences you can add to the details and help people get away with the best they can have with NFC based online payments.

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