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How to Improve Your Business with Tech


When you run a business, you’re always looking for ways to improve it. Whether you run an online clothing shop, an office-based enterprise specializing in marketing, or a tutoring business, you could probably improve your company through the intelligent use of technology. Here are four ways to use tech to improve your business.

Use an External IT Service

If you own a small or medium-sized enterprise, you may not think you need to outsource your IT services; maybe you already have one or two IT employees who are getting the job done well enough. Unfortunately, in business, “well enough” isn’t good enough!

To maximize profits, you should consider using an external IT service. The benefits of outsourcing your IT services are numerous. You could:

  • Have access to 24/7 IT support
  • Prevent and avoid data loss
  • Have greater online security to help you avoid cybercrime
  • Increase your business’s efficiency by preventing server access issues

Consider using EGiS Technologies to ensure that your business is well connected and well protected.

Streamline Your Processes

As a business owner, you should know that there are numerous apps, websites, and programs available that can help you to streamline your processes and cut down on wasted time.

Using online calendars and to-do list software can make it easier to manage staff and synchronize your workflow with that of your employees. You could also implement time-management software to keep an eye on particular projects or upcoming tasks.

Inventory software can help you keep track of how much of your individual products you have left in stock. Real-time updates mean that each time a customer places an order, your stock numbers change, so you can keep easy track of how much stock you have and when you need to order more.

No matter what type of business you run, using tech to streamline your processes could save you a great deal of time and energy.

Improve Communication

As technology continues to improve, people can virtually connect with each other more quickly and easily.

Why not use tech to set up instant messaging between employees? This would allow for quick answers to simple questions. You could also make use of online chat platforms such as Slack or Trello, which offer specific channels to talk about specific things. This can prevent the dreaded never-ending email chain and give your team access to the information they need quickly.

Technology can also be used to improve communication with customers. Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular, and they’re a great way to cut down on your customer service costs. Chatbots can be programmed to answer the most common questions that your customers ask and can connect them to a real person only when their question remains unanswered.

Set Up Remote Work

If your business is office-based, you can use technology to set up remote work for employees who may prefer to work from home. Eventually, this could enable you to reduce your office costs by allowing you to downsize, but in the short term, it’s a great way to improve employee morale.

Flexible working allows people time to tend to family matters and eliminates commuting time from the daily routine, so many people actually prefer to work away from the office if possible.

There are so many ways to use tech to improve your business, so don’t limit yourself to a basic email package. Try something new today and see what happens.

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