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How Technology Has Improved With All Games, PC & Online?

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Gaming Technology & Its Players

In today’s world, the term “gamer” has many sub-categories and is based on how the technology is utilized. The gaming technology has morphed to accommodate every gamer profile from the casual user that may play a slow paced game on social media to the new definition of traditional gamer that plays massive multi-player online (MMO) games with sophisticated controls. For example, like gambling? Online gaming can bring the pressures of big stakes gambling to your online experience and allow you to have a seat at the card table. The technology is amazing and the efforts to meet the gamers’ needs is always expanding and improving.

The Casual Gamers

Technology for the casual gamer is much simpler and requires less room on a computer’s hard drive, if at all. With so many social media sites on the web now that offer pop-up games, software does not need to be downloaded to the user’s computer anymore. These games utilize the server’s storage and the virtual memory of your PC in order to utilize the software. This type of gaming has smaller requirements and does not need to update often, if at all. In direct contrast to the casual gamer, the traditional gamer has a higher standard for his/her games.

The Dedicated MMO Gamers

MMO Gamers video gamesThe virtual worlds of MMO gaming can range from a sci-fi adventure to a virtual realistic battlefield and beyond. These games have sophisticated programing that allows the user control of every facet of their character on screen, avatar or toon, from their visual aspects to interactions with other players. In some ways the software has evolved to include voice chat that enables social communities, often called guilds or alliances, to work together without having to type to instruct each other when working together. These games require massive storage space on the computer and undergo updates normally overseen by a download program. Large servers that manage the virtual world must be maintained leading to downtime for the game which is normally done when server usage is at its minimum times or non-peak times.

The Risk Takers, Gamblers

Casinos & GamblersCasinos and other gambling entities have found their home here in the virtual world that has resulted in an explosion in publicity for casinos and their big money tournaments. A player can log on and find a card game at the drop of a hat. Some players play just for fun, (free roll) and others play for real stakes adding to the thrill of winning or losing. Most of these sites are like walking into a real casino and the software allows for all the table games, betting on sports, slots, and cards. With the Internet opening this door you can play people around the world. The software also allows for your own analytics, showing your tendencies for specific situations that arise. However, this does not help you develop your poker face.

It does not matter if you are a hardcore gamer that spends hours on your PC while on a mission with your guild or allies, or if you just enjoy a personal game of mahjong online. The gaming industry meets these needs and allows a place for everyone to come and be social without having to really leave their home. The software allows for voice or text style chatting allowing more interaction with other players than ever. The downloading software helps manage accounts for huge MMO games that keep games updated and down times to a minimum. Free time now is played in front of a screen with others from around the world, play, gamble and socialize with an ever-evolving technology that looks to keep up with users/player’s needs.

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