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TV Tech Trends for 2016

TV Tech Trends

The TV market is probably one with the most innovations in general. It sits right next to the PC and mobile phone markets. This is not a surprise, given the circumstances that TVs are present in the majority of households around the world. Smart TVs are becoming a standard while demand is constantly growing.

Naturally, if there is an increased demand, the competition between the manufacturers is increasing too. Only the best will keep their positions, some might have to step up their game too! In the light of constant development and innovations, here are the 5 most prominent representatives of TV tech trends for the upcoming year.

#5 TCL Roku TV 55FS4610R

This is surely the least known brand on the list. TCL and Roku teamed and to make one of the most interesting smart TV lately. Roku provided one of the most liked and user-friendly smart TV interfaces available. The lack of preinstalled apps is easily compensated through it. However, it has slight issues with screen quality, especially with the reproduction of the color black. On the other hand, you can buy almost three of them for the price of a Panasonic!

#4 Vizio M M552i-B2

Another less familiar brand made it to the list too. It is not surprising when you check out the sheets. The picture quality is good enough for the price but falls behind the best representatives. Another downside is that it no longer plays 3D content. On the other hand, it shines in audio power, having two 15W speakers, thus beating the 10W competitors. Helpful customer support and intuitive apps also make it a good buy. The set is mid- priced compared to the others on this particular list.

#3 LG LB Series LGLB6300

LG is a well know name on the smart TV market and once again it is in top five. It delivers crystal clear HD picture and abundance of features. The MagicWand remote, 3D game availability and NFC are just some of them that separate this model from the competition. Unfortunately, so does the price which prevents it from climbing up a place or two.

#2 Panasonic AS AS520

The first thing you notice upon turning this TV on is Life+ screen, which is a great and original feature. Next, the picture quality is astounding at this price range (you can get 5 Panasonic for one Sony). Vibrant and dynamic colors are followed by black level as well, making viewing any kind of content a true pleasure. It also has a good variety of preinstalled apps and it features 3D technology as well. Also, both wireless and Ethernet connections are available. It rightfully deserves the second place, especially if you consider its price tag.

#1 Sony W LED TV W950B

The number one place on our list rightfully goes to this smart TV gem. It is a great example of what true potentials of Smart TV technology are. It has a great screen, which is the essential feature of any TV set, all perfectly combined with some of the best smart TV features available. Ethernet and wireless connection and the most extensive collection of apps available on the market are what separate it from the competition. If you compare broadband plans that are important for the overall user experience, you will have yourself a beast. The only downside is the price; it is one of two most expensive TVs on the list.

If you are on the lookout for a new smart TV, you will not go wrong with any of the items on the list. Which to opt for solely depends on your expectations, preferences, and budget. Happy purchase and enjoy your new window into the world.

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