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20 Years Ago, Microsoft Changed How We Mouse Forever

Microsoft IntelliMouse ExplorerMicrosoft IntelliMouse Explorer

It has happened twenty years ago, in April 1999, when Microsoft produced an updated version of its Microsoft mouse. It looked the same at the top, the same buttons and a scroll wheel but still, one thing was changed.

The previous mouse was working good but the ball that you had to move all the time was accumulating dirt. This dust and dirt penetrated inside the device affecting the sensors inside it, making the cursor move chaotically and worsened the work of Microsoft hardware. It made the Microsoft clients feel nervous. They had to clean Microsoft mouse every fifteen minutes and this increased the time spent working on the computer. Nothing could help – no cleaning the desk, no changing the mouse pads. Every day the problem remained unsolved. The Microsoft surface mouse stopped to react on the movements and that was really frustrating.

All was changed in April 1999, when Microsoft announced about its IntelliMouse Explorer The original Microsoft IntelliMouse has become a revolutionary device in 1996. The computer users loved its designed, scroll wheel and responsive buttons. The device’s rolling ball was replaced for LEDs and a digital camera that could monitor the device movements very precisely. The mouse’s price was rather high but the work quality was perfect. Microsoft was not the first company to produce such a perfect device. The first models appeared in 1980 but they weren’t much popular among the users because of the high price. Microsoft’s IntelliMouse Explorer entered the market with the high price too but still, this price was quite accessible for most of the people, even students could buy it. The technology developed by Hewlett-Packard made the work of Microsoft mouse be perfect preventing the penetration of dirt inside the device. The device was working on almost all surfaces that weren’t too reflective. There also were some buttons which seemed to be useless first but as it turned out, they were absolutely necessary for browsing the web, letting you quickly run from one site to another. The Microsoft competitors weren’t going to be far behind, having produced soon the analogous optical mice. Companies, competing with each other, provide gaming keyboard and mouse bundle to attract more computer gamers.

The IntelliMouse Explorer can rightly be regarded as the device that changed our lives.

Connection of a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse to a Receiver

Wireless mice are based on two types of signal transmission – infrared and radio frequency:

  • Infrared transmission is made by means of an infrared ray that is sent by a computer mouse. This ray is received by a receiver which is usually connected to the computer. The principle of work is similar to the TV control remote work. For smooth transmission, however, it is necessary to remove the obstacles between the mouse and the receiver.
  • A mouse that uses a radio signal doesn’t require a line-of-sight with the receiver. The disadvantage of this type of device is its higher price compared to infrared mice. The advantage of radio transmission is the fact that each mouse sends a specific signal, so there is no confusion of signals even if there are several radio mice within the same computer.

Those who want to understand how to connect Microsoft wireless mouse to a receiver must know that it’s quite easy to do. Spend just a few minutes to perform these easy manipulations. Microsoft wireless mouse work by transmitting a signal going from a device to a receiver. The receiver is being inserted into your computer via USB port. Make sure that the signal between your mouse and the receiver is good enough to provide a smooth work of your mouse.

There are some steps you should follow to connect your Microsoft mouse to a receiver:

  • Insert new batteries in your Microsoft Bluetooth mouse. The underside of the device will be illuminated if the batteries are good.
  • Insert the receiver into a USB port. Check whether your USB port interacts well with the receiver. Your computer will produce noise if the receiver is properly connected.
  • You should press and hold the “connect” buttons on the lower part of your receiver and your Microsoft best Bluetooth mouse for a couple of seconds. This button will help to connect the mouse to the receiver. Enjoy playing and working on your computer now!

What mouse do you use? Have you ever faced any problems with your computer mice? Share your experience.

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