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How Tech Companies Can Go Greener in 2020


The business world has been relatively slow to adopt greener practices, with the tech sector particularly resistant to change. That’s because, traditionally, going greener has meant taking expensive steps that may or may not pay off in the future. However, as consumers are demanding more of an eco-friendly approach from the brands that they align with, and as the costs of a shift to a more eco-friendly outlook continue to drop, sustainability is now becoming one of the must-haves at the heart of a brand’s culture.

When big-name brands like Apple and Google are moving towards improved sustainability, even the smallest tech business should be looking at their green credentials and finding ways to improve their environmental impact.

Supplier Research

All tech companies rely on external suppliers, and that can mean potentially limiting your ability to go green. Taking Apple as an example, they were fined in 2013 when it was revealed that their suppliers in China were responsible for vast amounts of water pollution. Better suppliers are something that every tech company can prioritize, and all it takes is a little research into the sustainability practices of those suppliers that you partner with.

It’s never been more important to source vital goods and services from companies that are also leading a sustainability charge. The more that you create an environmentally lean business space, the more the gains can be damaged by aligning with suppliers that are not doing the same.

The Importance of Recycling

Even simple changes can go a long way to making a tech brand more sustainable. Obvious options like going paperless are advantageous, but there are other options that aren’t necessarily digital. Most tech companies assume that all green drives need to have a tech backing, but in areas like waste management, recycling is often a hardware issue. Look at small changes to start with, such as using Baling Wire Direct rather than one-use baling twine to bundle your cardboard waste and your carbon footprint will drop. Don’t overlook the small changes, and analyze every ongoing cost that you have before sourcing more proactive options.

A Greener Digital Presence

Web hosting infrastructure can be a leading cause of weak sustainability. For tech companies that rely on their online presence, even the most enforced green drive can be offset by the environmental costs of using web host services that lack their own greener practices. That means tech companies need to pay close attention to the web services that they use, and there is a wide range of web hosting platforms that have been designed with sustainability at their core. This can be a quick, cost-effective way of reducing your environmental impact, and could potentially save you money at the same time.

Going green won’t just save you money. In 2020, consumers want the companies that they buy from and the services that they sign up with to have as much of a positive green outlook as possible.

As the demands of green business practices continue to dominate those consumer needs, tech companies are going to have to make serious adjustments to the ways that promote what they offer. With sustainability as another key point in the marketing strategies of those green tech brands, it simply makes more sense to start looking at the many ways that you can adjust your products and your company structure to embrace a more eco-friendly approach.

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