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A Glance at Google Glass Alternatives


With smart mobile devices getting smarter, mobile app developers are equally contributing to make life easier. The concept of Google Glass Heads Up Display (HUD) is a fascinating innovation in the tech world. It is true that the news of Google Glass took the entire world of mobile users and app developers by surprise. Google Glass is a dream that will soon become a reality. However, if you think Google as the only innovator, you are wrong. Here are a few Google Glass alternatives for your perusal.

1. Recon Jet

Recon JetRecon Jet HUD is much similar to Google glass, however, engineered for outdoor use, especially in sports. Jet is a powerful wearable microcomputer that has a full-color wide screen display mounted on polarized glasses. It has a tremendous computing power similar to that of modern smart phones. The suite includes in-built sensors, GPS, video camera, mic and speakers. The pilot edition targets athletes involved in cycling and running. With Jet, it is possible to instantly view performance metrics such as speed, distance, duration, heart rate, etc. The device can be connected to smart phones using ANT or BLE sensors to attend calls or view SMS on the go.

2. Vuzix M100

Vuzix M100Vuzix M100 is one other alternative to Google Glass. It offers hands free smart phone display and communication system to access data from smart phones on the move. The device runs on Android 4.0 OS and can run all of the applications such as texting video, email, mapping, etc. Vuzix M100 also lets users to connect to the cloud via smart phones and other compatible mobile devices. The device has an onboard storage of 4GB. Vuzix M100 is priced much cheaper than Google Glass.

3. Meta SpaceGlasses

Meta SpaceGlassesMeta SpaceGlasses is more sophisticated than most other HUD devices available in the market. Unlike other HUD devices that act more like smart phones, Meta SpaceGlasses is empowered with augmented reality. Although one can’t find much information on Meta SpaceGlasses in the official website, reviews have stated some of the incredible capabilities of the device. According to the official website, the target audience of the device is Windows PC users. Reviewers say that the next version of the device will have graphics processor and batteries to make it still smarter.

4. Telepathy One

Telepathy OneTelepathy One is yet another forthcoming HUD featuring the next evolution in communication. It is a product from of a start up concern that aims to revolutionize the IT field with its innovative product. The prototype of the product has a micro camera and a projection display unit. The device enables users to communicate in real time and hands free manner. The device is capable of connecting to various computing devices via wireless protocols. Users will be capable of performing various tasks by connecting the device to smart phones and tablets. The company has recently secured recently raised $5 million in funding to develop the product. The product is expected to be released in 2014.

5. GlassUp

GlassUpGlassUp is one other HUD that will soon be a competitor to the popular Google Glass. This wearable display looks exactly like regular spectacles and yet has the power of harnessing all the capabilities of your smart phone in real time. The prototype shows GlassUp as a headset companion to the smart phone. The device is capable of reporting emails, SMSs, tweets and other updates. According to the official website GlassUp is compatible with variety of operating systems including Android, iOS, and Windows. The device is being built on three concepts namely wearable display, augmented reality, and real time information. One drawback of GlassUp is that the device has read only features.


If you are eager to enjoy the experience offered by Google Glass but are unable to afford one, you can try out the alternatives that are affordable. All of the HUD manufactures offer ample space for app developers. App developers can download the SDK from their respective websites and develop apps for the future. It seems HUDs have opened new vistas not only for mobile users but also for mobile app developers.

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