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The 6 Best All-Time Logos Of The World’s Top Companies

Nike Logo

Designing a logo that represents the corporate identity of the company is what a true quality logo does. Even online companies like Squarespace, fastcode design and glu7 have introduced modern ways to develop logos. In our analysis we would stick to 6 organizations that have truly made an impact with their logos, although we know very well that they are more than 6 organizations that have some really great logos that do represent corporate identity. It is not necessary that a company having a very good logo and which is also able to represent its corporate identity well can at the same time be a top company ranking among the leading 50 companies of the world as there are other things involved in making a company what you call a top or leading company whereas it involves only excellent designing and visualization concepts to make the right logo for a firm. This analysis does not solely represent the top 6 logos or the top ten companies but the top logos of the most famous companies of the world that have enjoyed popularity for its excellently designed logos.

1. Apple

Apple logoApple Inc. a big name in consumer electronics and computer equipment. Best known for the Macintosh and now for its iPhone, iPad and iPod. Founded a year later than Microsoft in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak, Apple is a technology giant in the world with total assets amounting to US$ 177 billion, with over 390 retail stores across the globe Apple currently has almost 73,000 employees as of 2013.

Key Design Elements of the Apple Logo

A simple idea that became the greatest and the most popular logo has an interesting story behind it. Despite the popular fable narrated by Steve jobs making a reference to the apple that fell to the ground and became an inspiration of Sir Isaac Newton to formulate his incredible theory of gravity. It is also said that in one of his interviews Steve jobs said he personally liked apples because he loved eating apples and that’s why he wanted his firm to be known as Apple and having a logo of an apple.

2. Chevron

chevronChevron Corporation is a US multi-national energy corporation that has its headquarters in California and is offering its services in more than 170 countries globally. Chevron is one of the world’s top 5 oil marketing companies as of 2013and ranked 11th in the Fortune 500 top companies of the world.

Key Design Elements of its logo

In 1983 The Standard Oil of California merged with Gulf Oil to converge into this energy giant. Getting the new name the company they redesigned its logo with a ‘V’ shaped pattern.

3. Coca Cola

Coco ColaCoca-Cola that is also popularly known as Coke, is the world’s highest selling carbonated soft drink in the world, that was introduced as cough syrup by John Pemberton in the 1860’s, but the business was acquired by Asa Griggs in 1886 it was marketed as a soft drink and which later became known as the most popular drink on the planet.

Having the most widely known trademark in the world Coca-Cola has many times been ranked as the most admired firm in America by Fortune’s ranking.

Key design elements of the Coca Cola logo

The Coca-Cola’s emblem is known as the greatest and instantly recognizable emblem ever created. Designed by Frank Mason Robinson, in 1886 who thought that the two C’s would have a great advertising impact and although improved over the years it is basically the same visually appealing join hand written typeface. Known as “Spenserian type” script.

4. Nike

Nike LogoNike Inc. popular and leading US multi-national company having its headquarters in Oregon and is known for its high quality footwear, sports equipment, apparel and other items. Formed in 1964 as The Blue Ribbon Sports. The brand name was later changed as Nike in 1978. Having over 44,000 employees globally, its total assets amount to US$ 15.773 billion as of 2013.

Key design elements of the Nike logo

With its ever popular and iconic trademark “Nike-Just Do It” the Swoosh logo has been valued at $11 billion, which has made it the world’s top brand in the sports industry.

5. General Electric

general electricGeneral Electric (GE) is a multinational conglomerate corporation that has its headquarters in Connecticut USA. Operating in the segments of Energy, technology-Infrastructure and Consumer electronics.

Key design elements

General Electric’s logo is a balanced and lively design having base of a light-bulb, being purely ornamental

Key design elementsEvolution of General Electric’s logo since 1816.

6. Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil logoExxon Mobil is a US multinational oil and gas corporation with headquarters in Irving, Texas

The new logo is the outcome of a 1999 merger of Exxon and Mobil, both being East Coast oil producers

Exxon Mobil Key Elements logoBefore Exxon-Mobil it was Exxon and Mobil. And before Exxon it was Esso.

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