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Internet of Things – Internet of Everything; A Smart Revolution in the Offing

The Internet of Things

Technology is ever evolving, and has brought in profound changes in our day to day lives. Can you imagine businesses without emails, and your existence without a smart phone? For most of us, the answer is no! Technology and connectivity for us has transitioned from a telephone, radio, television set etc to cell phones, internet, laptops and now smart phones and cloud computing. So now, technology is getting smart and connected, – experts call it internet of things. Based on these lines, a new concept – Internet of Everything (IoE), is trending the charts. It uses people processes and technologies to develop smart products and takes you beyond connected objects and introduces you to the world of networked connections.

With IoE, a host of sensors will be set to work as they track the targeted activities thereby generate and transmit signals. What exactly is the purpose? Well! With the increasing span of IoT (Internet of Things) and IoE (Internet of Everything), get ready to be connected 24×7 with your office, home, wardrobe, fridge and what not. You name it! The smart sensors can get everything, pillow, bed, chair, doors, windows etc communicate with other gadgets over a cloud. Stressing on smart, now there will be gadgets that are intelligent, gadgets that learn and behave accordingly, and gadgets that provide you with new capabilities and richer experiences.

The introduction of gadgets like drop cam, the orb, nest start thermostat, home monitoring and bulgur alarm systems etc have heralded the new beginning of a smart revolution and the era of extended connectivity.

The technology is devised to make our lives easier – so they say, however whether technology empowers us or makes us crippled and dependent is a debate that continues from the time when technology came into existence.

Most of the existing devices are controlled by mobile apps, or manually. One such example is the nest smart thermostat. This device can be controlled manually and via a mobile app from a remote location. But! That’s not it! This device learns and is intelligent. The heating system tracks your routine temperature settings and makes sure that the temperature is always right for you. Besides, it also makes sure that energy is most prudently used.

So now with smart technology, you will have gadgets that will tell you if you slept sound and how exactly was your sleeping pattern. Sensors strategically placed in homes will detect any unusual movements and tweet you about the same, so now – even your house can tweet. There are many such examples of smart devices that help you control everything from any location, with just a swipe.

The Lumo Lift Device on mobileThe Lumo Lift is another such gadget, that can be clipped on to your belt and it senses your movements. The gadget vibrates and alerts if you are slouching, an indication that it is time to sit up and sit straight. Now, there is more to this, this gadget will monitor your activity throughout the day and let you know exactly how healthy and active your day has been.

Earlier, people were slow in adapting new technology; however, this is the right time for any new technology to propagate fast – across the masses, as the present generation is receptive to technology. New gadgets and new systems get easily accepted and used, as far as they allow ease of use and faster outputs.

So what does the future hold for us? Is everything from our homes, offices, public places, shopping malls and eateries set to go through a makeover? Well we can just say, Give wings to your imagination! Because, Nothing Is Impossible.

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