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From iOS 6 to the iOS 7

iOS 7

iOS 7Apple has become an amazing company with an excellent reputation, with phones and technology in every destination. It’s hard to believe that Microsoft was once looking down on Apple laughing at their struggles, but what a difference a decade makes. Thanks to Steve Jobs and his clever sidekicks, Apple has become one of the most profitable companies in the world; loved by many and obsessed by even more.

If it wasn’t for Steve Jobs’ persistence and clever marketing, Apple may never have become the powerhouse it now is. Its products are expensive, but they work; and people are, clearly, prepared to pay for something that works. The iPod, the iPhone, the iPad; they have all completely revolutionised the way we live our lives. Before the iPhone, nobody really knew what an app was – and now look at how it has affected lives, if anything people have become so reliant on them for the simplest of things such as calculators and use of weather checks. We’re so obsessed by apps that many people’s days are completely taken up by these things.

In the case of successful mobile technology you have to tip your cap to Apple; they have done a stellar job. But can they continue it? With the rumoured iPhone 6 apparently round the corner, will it and iOS 7 be any good?

iOS 7 will it be a leap to success?

Reports are that iOS 7 will be very different to iOS 6, but not harder to use. That’s important because without ease of use, Apple really would be dropping the ball. According to reports and rumours, iOS 7 will represent a big leap towards a design change regarding the iOS, but it has been said that the simplicity of the Apple software will remain – which is vastly important.

It’s pretty easy to see how Apple will tackle the iPhone 6 and iOS 7, seeing as they usually do a big update once every two years regarding its iPhone. Who knows what we will get, but it will either be a seriously big change in direction and specs, or an evolution of the current iPhone 5 with more testosterone.

Whatever happens, Apple will sell a bucket load of iPhones and iPads. It seems that the bubble just doesn’t want to burst with Apple’s success, so as long as they can keep their cool there should be no reason as to why they can’t carry on as one of the biggest companies in the world.

One thing is for sure: Apple is ready for a fight. Its current disagreements with Samsung over copyright and legalities are forcing both companies to up their game to ensure one comes out victorious. It’s going to become something like wrestling in the late 1990’s when both WWF (WWE) and WCW were fighting for supremacy; it made both companies work hard and it gave us, the consumers, some of the best action and storylines in the history of the sport.

Hopefully, the same will happen with Samsung and Apple. Both companies make seriously impressive gadgets, but Samsung is definitely flying high at the moment with devices like the Galaxy S4 and Note. Let’s see just how long they can keep it up for.

For now, we can all look forward to the iOS 7 and Apple iPhone 6. The specs and design are going to be epic – that’s for sure.

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