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Virtual SMS Services Using Estonian Number


Managing business SMS via phone is rather an inconvenient option. That’s why lots of companies use virtual phone numbers to perform their tasks. You can use the same number on any type of devices, such as laptops or mobile devices. You don’t have to have prior technical knowledge or be extremely computer literate to do it. No coding knowledge is required.


Nextiva is a virtual phone number provider that easily manages virtual numbers on any device type. Nextiva offers an extensive set of in-built tools. It works as a subscription service charging $20 per month.


According to the website of Grasshopper, the company offers virtual phone numbers for startups and small and middle-size companies. With the help of its mobile app, users can manage SMS messages easily. There are various types of numbers such as business and local ones for different areas. There’s an option to separate business and personal numbers.


Ooma is a VOIP provider that offers free phone numbers and paid ones. This is an official platform that boasts its paid features; among other things, it guarantees an easy setup within several minutes. Users have to pay a little bit less than 20 dollars a month to use it.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a free virtual phone for business purposes. Users of G Suite can integrate it with other families of Google apps. There are individual plans for users and small companies available.

Although, individual plans don’t allow users to access lots of business features such as desk phone support, auto-attendant, etc.


OnlineSIM allows you to receive text messages online via virtual phone numbers. You can select an Estonian number from the list of available numbers here. If you’d like to register another page on social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp messenger, or any other messaging tool, you can use OnlineSIM. Just select the social media website in question in your account on OnlineSIM and copy the registration page’s phone number on the appropriate website you need to register at. After that, you’ll see the text message in your account. Copy the confirmation code to your social media registration page. And that’s it; you’ve successfully registered another account.

The service guarantees the privacy of users. If, for whatever reason, you don’t get an SMS – there could be various reasons for that, for example, the sender might delay, or the phone number might crash – then you can get another number for free.

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