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Top 5 Myths About Modern Technologies


Modern TechnologiesAny unusual or obscure phenomenon in our life is accompanied by a cloud of myths. We can say the same about modern information technology, where many users make a lot of mistakes and delusions because of its novelty and difficulty in development. Today in our article we will talk about some of them.

1. Using of RAM is bad

This myth is often the reason for many people constantly to try decreasing RAM consumption in every program and the operating system. To tell the truth, this statement is quite the opposite.

RAM is the fastest memory and its speed is faster than hard drives’ or flash drives’ ones. The more data is stored in RAM, the faster you get access to them. And if you constantly clean the RAM, it’s mean that you ineffectively use the potential of your RAM. It is approximately the same as if you would pull out one memory stick and put it in front of you.  Here it is such a pure and free as a useless.

2. Unauthorized switch-off a USB flash drive can cause data destruction.

Windows scares us every time that improper extraction of the drive can damage data. Many people believe that if they turn off the stick without the permission of the operating system, their device can be broken with complete loss of all information. In fact, you can safely pull your stick in the case if it is not currently used for data transmission. If the copy or files transference has finished, everything will be ok.

3. You do not need anti-virus, if you are experienced and careful

Sometimes in the articles about computer security you can find out some comments where some users claim that they do not need anti-virus software, because they are careful. “Every virus comes from infected files, doesn’t it? We just do not load any rubbish, so it does not touch us! “.

In fact, this statement became wrong for a long time, and nowadays it is not fully correspond to the reality. Modern wreckers are so clever and use such sophisticated methods of penetration that only the common sense is not enough. Only a comprehensive system of protection can provide the proper level of security. Because along with the rules of behavior in the network, timely updating of the operating system and the software, such system includes anti-virus software with the new databases.

4. Mobile phones cause cancer

Many consumer technologies use some form of light waves. Cellular telephones also emit radio waves and it led to the suspicion that they may be dangerous to health; this thought was confirmed in an alarming report by the World Health Organization. It sounds alarming, doesn’t it? Meanwhile, many researchers tell us that fairly simple physics knowledge debunk this myth. The most dangerous emissions are able to damage DNA but mobile phones don’t explicitly relate to such sources.

5. Every electronic device is hazardous to health

This misconception is based on the myth about the dangers of mobile phones. If they can have a negative impact on us, is it possible that any device with wireless data can be too dangerous? The answer is simple – no.

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