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The Future of Gaming is in Your Pocket


It’s no secret that the world is mobilizing towards more mobile. Technology is advancing at exponential pace with new tablets, phablets and smartphones emerging by the day. With this mass adaptation towards a mobile way of life, the state of the gaming industry is also in transition. Gaming has shifted its focus from the console to the mobile platform and supporting technological developments have made this happen. The future of gaming is right in your pocket, amongst other activities.

The Current State

First things first, it’s important to realize just how many mobile users exist today—and that number is 3.65 billion mobile users globally. This massive population is indicative of how reliant we have become on our pocket-sized devices. Which leads us to the current trends in mobile gaming—it’s an industry that will generate $30 billion in revenue in this year alone, accounting for a third of the overall global gaming industry. The market is expected to grow to $10 billion more by 2017, further solidifying the future is in mobile gaming.

Game Development

There’s been a change in the backend development of games that has opened up the opportunity for mobile games to come about. The introduction of Unreal Engine 4 technology has allowed game developers and publishers access to technology that used to cost millions of dollars, something only big names like Nintendo could afford. Now, anyone can use the platform for essentially $20 a month, which means smaller teams and businesses can use the same powerful tools used to make PC and console games for the mobile games. The playing field has been leveled in terms of technology as well as for businesses large and small. And with mobile gaining more importance by the second, games made just for mobile are starting to assume a strong position in the market and will continue to takeover in upcoming years.

Advancement in Technology

The rapid progression of innovation has been a fuel to this mobile gaming fire. What used to only be available within traditional video game consoles is now coming to the forefront of mobile devices. Powerhouse graphics processing chips from tech leaders such as Qualcomm Snapdragon are being installed in mobile devices with improvements being made everyday. These are becoming the best mobile processors for gaming and producing an experience comparable and often better than the one executed by PC or video game console.

Additionally, screen and device innovation is constantly evolving. The most crystal clear visuals and sounds are available right in the palm of your hand. This year’s big tech bang was the 4K display and next year’s is likely the 8K—both of which will most certainly be a staple in your mobile device if it isn’t already. The future of gaming focuses on the mobile user experience. Samsung has plans to release a folding-screen device, which will bring nostalgia of gadgets like the Nintendo DS (now considered an old-school, handheld game console). Mobile gaming could feel just like the old days to give users that emotional connection, but the latest and greatest technology will amplify the playtime. Virtual reality in mobile gaming is also on the horizon with Oculus Rift VR headsets that attach to smartphones already in the market.

The Future of Gaming is In Your Pocket

A better more immersive gaming experience lies not too deep in your pockets. You are witnessing mobile innovation of epic proportions. And with this innovation comes a bigger audience. Games for everyone are being made available thanks to the accessibility mobile technology has provided. The future is bright for gaming and everyone who’s in with mobile is invited to play.

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