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Egnyte adds PRISM Protection to its Cloud Service


Cloud Service & File sharingEgnyte are drawing a lot of intrigue from businesses following their recent rebranding and introduction of a new cloud storage service that promises to be one the most secure on the market. While other file-sharing programs already on the market such as Box and Dropbox are reputable and succeed by offering free storage space to customers, Egnyte is tailored for use by business customers.

Sensitive File Sharing

For a long time, companies have exercised caution when it comes to cloud storage and, following the hysteria caused by the discovery of the NSA’s PRISM program, companies have been even more resistant to consider cloud storage as an alternative means. And that’s how Egnyte have set themselves apart from the market. The rebranding of the business which included a total redesign of the website was followed by the release of their new PRISM prevention program which promises to keep files safe from all prying eyes including PRISM as well as other sorts of malware.

Of course, the appeal for large enterprises is to have a guaranteed secure system for even the most sensitive of data. Working alongside the new service is Storage Connect which categorises files into three levels of security. Red is for highly sensitive files and data, yellow for files that are to be archived and green for files that are kept in the cloud.

Keeping it all Safe

Egnyte also boast a ‘hybrid’ service whereby data is held both in the cloud as well as on a regular server or hard drive, and for those files known categorised, as Red will be kept behind the firewall.

The company is already being used by a number of high profile clients including Ikea, VMware and EMC.  However, the new service aims to put the company in the running against the likes of Box to win large contracts with Microsoft and others.

Vineet Jain, CEO of Egnyte believes that companies want to move with the times and migrate to cloud storage, but understandably have concerns over how secure their data is. However, the aim of Egnyte’s new services is to win the trust of companies with their unique hybrid approach to data storage, as well as the promise of a truly secure service where the company’s IT department are able to detect any activity or file sharing that is unapproved by them. Promising top of the line security as well as being an easy-to-use service, Egnyte aim to change the face of cloud based storage.

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