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Business Tech Upgrades To Make In 2020


A smart business owner will always want to be aware of tech upgrades that they can make to improve their business. Technology can help businesses to succeed in many different ways but it can also be a challenge to stay current because technology is always changing and can be complex.

The start of a new year and decade is a good time to upgrade your tech so that you can get the new year off to a good start and pave the way for future success. With this in mind, here are a few tech upgrades to make this year which should help your company to reach new heights.

1. Cybersecurity

One of the most important upgrades to make is to your cybersecurity. This is the biggest threat to modern businesses and there are constantly new threats being developed, which means that you need the latest and best cybersecurity products in place. This should help you to protect your business, staff, and customers and allow you to operate with confidence each day knowing that you are protected.

2. Physical Security

Cybersecurity is the biggest threat to modern businesses, but you should not forget about your physical security either – criminals often target businesses because they are usually vacant overnight and often have valuable items and/or cash on site. Fortunately, security technology has also evolved in recent times and there are many brilliant products to consider, including smart locks, CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, perimeter alarms, and video doorbells.

3. Cloud Computing

It is easy to see why so many businesses in different industries are making the switch to cloud computing. This can help you to reduce your IT costs significantly as it eliminates the need for a physical server, plus cloud computing can also make it much easier for staff to collaborate and work remotely (a trend on the rise and worth considering). Additionally, cloud computing can make it easier to outsource work, which is also a good way to reduce costs.

4. AI

AI technology has developed at a rapid rate in the last few years, and it can now be used to help a business to succeed in many different ways. This includes improving customer service through the use of chatbots, automating business processes and interpreting data – this last use is particularly valuable because it allows you to make informed business decisions that can help you to succeed.

Infographic created by Donnelley Financial Solutions, an sec filing software company.

5. Employee Engagement Surveys

Being able to monitor and analyze the relationship that employees have with the organization can help a company to make improvements, improve employee performance and satisfaction and promote staff loyalty. This is all possible with AI-assisted Inpulse Employee Engagement surveys which will be a smart tech upgrade to make this year which could benefit your company in many ways.

Any business owner looking to improve their tech this year should consider these upgrades. There is so much great tech available in today’s day and age that can help businesses in all industries in many different ways, but the above upgrades will be key for taking your company to the next level this year and beyond.

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