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How to Make the Most of Your Next Tech Trade Show

Next Tech Trade Show

When you pay for a booth at a trade show, you don’t want to put your time and money investment to waste. You want patrons to be intrigued by you, remember you, and eventually contact you to do business. However, if you plan on simply setting up a table and talking to people, you have put an incredible opportunity to waste. The secret to a successful trade show comes down to one thing: branded products.

Why Are Branded Products Important at a Trade Show?

With people walking from booth to booth, talking to dozens and dozens of brands within a limited time frame, it can be overwhelming for them. By the end of the day, they won’t remember whom they talked to or what they had to offer—unless they have something to remind them. Which is why branded products are so important: They give passersby a way to remember you long after your conversation. Additionally, branded products will help you make the most of your time at the trade show in the following ways:

1. Spread Brand Awareness

Branded products help people see your brand name and become familiar with what you have to offer. And when someone uses the item you gave them, the awareness of your brand will continue to spread as their friends and family see it.

2. Target the Right Customer

You know your target market, which means you also know what type of promotional product they will actually use. But handing out this item, you can attract the right people from the get-go.

3. Rise Above the Competition

While a lot of companies will have brochures and business cards to hand out, not that many will have branded items that are actually useful. By offering something people will want to have, you will attract patrons to your booth instead of your competitor’s.

What Type of Branded Products Are the Most Effective?

Now that you can see why trade show tech giveaways are a must, it’s time to talk about what branded products are the best to hand out. When choosing which promotional products to give away at a trade show, you will want to keep two criteria in mind:

1. It Needs to Be Practical

The last thing you want is to spend your budget on something that is going to end up in the trash. As such, it is vital that you select a branded product that will actually be used in daily life. Items such as lanyards, badge holders, and letter openers may not seem the most exciting, but these are the types of products that will be used.

2. It Needs to Be Memorable

While practicality is certainly a must, you also want the item to be something that will help people remember you. Try to come up with a branded product that ties in with your products or services, and then create a trade show display to tie it all together.

A trade show is an incredible opportunity to get your name in front of a huge audience in a short amount of time. Don’t let it go to waste. Invest in effective, memorable, functional branded products to give away and discover just how powerful a trade show can be.

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