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How New iOS Features Strike the Technology World


The introduction of IOS 10 has created much hustle and bustle among the update cravers. It has been successful so far. IOS has ignited the flare of innovation in almost every built-in application. The IOS App Development Company has marked its success when millions of users upgraded their IOS software and left beaming reviews telling how every feature has lightened up the interface.

Anyhow, keep reading as I am about to fill you up with something which surely going to amuse you. There are much more amazingly innovative features in IOS 10 along with those Apple announced, back in June. I have gathered the list of those features below. Scroll down and cast an eye over the awesomeness!

Interesting features in Message

Read-Receipt feature

read-receipt-featureUnlike IOS 9 the new IOS 10 also have read receipt feature. The feature, however, is upgraded with some new facilities. In IOS 10 you can select the individual friends and send them read-receipt. You are given a choice to select the desired one. The rest of your conversation follows the default setting. You can also turn off the feature whenever you want.

Inbuilt image search

IOS 10 gives a chance to chat with your friends using funny GIF. Now those days are gone when the only messenger was the source for GIF keyboard as IOS 10 also facilitates us with this newness.

Emoji and new effects

emoji-and-new-effectsMessages in IOS 10 is enhanced with replaceable and bigger sized emoji. Effects like invisible ink, tap backs, bubble effect, digital ink and stickers are introduced in messages. With the evolution of such eye-catching features, conversations have now become more entertaining.

The emoji and the effects are collectively adding fame to this new update. Now you can share your stories and happiness adding the touch of expressions in them. If it’s something exciting then add background effect, enhance the text into larger font and then boom!!! It will appear like a celebration. If you wish to give your loved one a cute hidden message then type it with invisible ink, simply rub with a fingertip and the message will appear on the screen leaving a cute memory on the mind. There are four different types of expressions along with this you can tag induvial messages too. Keep pressing the selected message and six options will appear on the screen.

selected-message-and-six-optionsModified version of Maps

The modified version of Apple Map allows the user to easily pan and zoom to navigate. The navigation software is extraordinarily smooth and it facilitates the users to conveniently check the points of interest.

iOS 10 Update Siri

Among the many outstanding features, updated version of Siri is the best of all. Now Siri is available for third parties too. Which means you can send commands to other applications, book rideshare, order a pizza, transfer money to friends or family and many other benefits can be availed.

Parking Assistant

car-parking-assistantThose days are gone when you have to spot your parked position as parking assistance is here to help you in tracking the place you parked your car at. The speciality of this feature is that it will only inform you about the position when you park at any non-parking spot. This application is connected with Apple Map.

Organ Donation Sign Up

What can be best than to saving lives in a day? IOS 10 gives you a chance to save the life by providing you easy access to National Donate Life Registry. Simply sign in and fill the form and help patients by donating your organs. Millions of patients across the globe dies due to insufficient organ supply but now you can play your part in helping them.

Sharing Notes

With IOS 10 you can easily share your notes with your friends. Click the option on the top right corner and select the contact. Whenever you add any new note to your list they will be able to see it. Hence IOS 10 is playing its role in strengthening relationships as it is now easier to deliver your thoughts.

Clicking Pictures while listening to music

I know how disturbing it gets when you are asked to click a picture in a middle of your favourite song. You have to choose between the cameras of your music but now that helplessness is gone as IOS 10 allows users to click pictures while listening to their music. Isn’t it great!

Wake up Alarm clock

wake-up-alarm-clockDo you want to make IPhone your friend? If so then without wasting any second update your software as it will provide you with an IPhone alarm clock assistant. Along with updating many other features IOS 10 has enhanced the alarm clock too. It allows you to have two separate alarm clock one is the ordinary clock and another one is Wake up Alarm clock. This alarm clock guides you about your sleeping hours. It will remind you when you should go to your bed and when you should wake up. In short, it will manage your whole sleeping routine.

Mail Application

The mail app is enhanced too. It is now easier to filter messages by just one click. You just have to select the categories and it will get filtered. Along with this, the conversation threads are also managed properly. You will be able to see the full thread in your application.

Two features in Home Button:

IOS 10 has enabled users to have two different features in a single home button. Upon updating you will be asked to press the home button in order to enter the passcode but if one doesn’t feel like using this feature he can switch to previous setting by going to Setting > General > Accessibility > Home Button. Voila! Your previous button is back.

Hence these were some of the amazing features that IOS 10 has introduced but there still are a lot many features which you will discover. So it’s better to be updated then to be outdated.

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