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Winter forecast and preparation go hand in hand. Just turn on the news when you are planning to go out can stop you from getting caught in the worst of a snowstorm. If you are in charge of safety decisions for a large business and organization, though, you will need more than just the local forecast. You need emergency alert software as well as weather stations that analyzes weather data in a much more comprehensive way. Forecasts help you prepare for tomorrow. Now casting helps you make decisions today.

How Will Severe 2017/2018 Winter Weather Be?

Compared to the 2015/2016 season, it appears that 2017/2018 will be a mild winter. Often when the summer weather is mild, there is little severe weather the following winter. Because of the mild temperatures, the east coast of the United States will get very little snow. Most precipitation will be in the form of rain. The Midwest will get more snow than the east coast, but not as much as in previous winters. The part of the U.S. that will experience the most snow and the lowest temperatures will be the Rocky Mountains.

Bonus Tips: Winter Weather Preparedness Checklist

Here are some things you can do before the winter starts, so you can be well prepared:

  • Buy boots with rubber soles. These boots will give you more traction for safe walking on snowy and icy sidewalks.
  • Make sure you have salt for your driveway, walkway, and front steps.
  • Keep a flashlight and a 24-hour supply of non-perishable foods in your car.
  • If your health makes it difficult for you to live alone during severe weather, make plans to stay with relatives or friends.
  • Have enough batteries to run battery-operated appliances if your house loses power.
  • Buy a cell phone charger that can charge phones without being connected to electricity.

Even in relatively mild winters, it still helps to be prepared for weather emergencies.

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