5 Hard Cases for 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

BodyGuardz Armor Skin Tough & Durable Macbook

A best hard case for a macbook Pro 15-inch with Retina Display should meet some vital requirements. First, it should offer your Apple laptop an attractive feel and appearance. Buyers often tend to look for a particular color, so a wide range of options is preferable. Secondly, the hard cover should be able to protect the laptop from scrapes and bumps. In addition to that, it should have some additional features, like extra pockets for small accessories, and retractable feet to offer the macbook more stability while typing.

Here is our list of 5 best hard cases for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

i-Blason Matte Shell – Lightweight and Durable

i-Blason Matte Shell Lightweight & DurableDesigned to be a perfect fit for the 15-inch macbook, the i-Blason Matte Shell is a protective, lightweight hard cover. It comes in several vibrant colors, and allows you to access all the controls and ports easily. The 4 rubberized feet of the case offers extra stability to the laptop.

BodyGuardz Armor Skin – Tough and Durable

BodyGuardz Armor Skin Tough & Durable MacbookThe BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber Skin provides stylish and superior protection to your laptop from bumps and scratches. The tough and durable Armor Skin offers full body protection to your macbook without adding extra weight. Removal and installation is straightforward and simple. Designed to fit the macbook Pro 15-inch cozily, the BodyGuardz Skin comes in multiple attractive colors.

Kuzy Rubberized Hard Case Cover – Keeps your MacBook Stable

Kuzy Rubberized Hard Case Cover MacbookThe built-in feet of this Kuzy Rubberized Hard Case keep your macbook secure and stable. The Case lets you access all the ports and controls, and it is fully vented to reduce overheating. It offers great protection from scrapes and bumps, and is easy to remove and put on. It is available in plenty of different colors.

TopCase Hard Cover – Strong and Attractive

Coming in many different colors, the TopCase Hard Cover allows you to customize the looks of your Apple laptop, and protect it at the same time. It fits perfectly on the 15-inch macbook Pro, and allows you to access all the ports and controls. Generally, this case comes with a free matching color mouse pad and keyboard cover.

iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case – Shatter-proof and Durable

iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case MacbookThe iPearl mCover Hard Shell is made from polycarbonate material, and its shatter-proof design and construction offers superb protection from impacts and scratches. The 2-piece lightweight shell snaps on and off pretty easily. It also features retractable feet which offer stability to the laptop while typing. Coming with a free keyboard cover, the mCover is available in 9 different vibrant colors.

Other Cases Worthy of Consideration

Besides these there are some other hard cases you can consider for you 15-inch macbook Pro. At a pretty reasonable price, they offer both effective and attractive protection. You can get a solidly built Exact Crystal Hard Case for a great price. It comes in many different colors, and is fully vented to keep your laptop cool. The Worldshopping Frosted Matte Surface Hard Shell is another excellent case worthy of consideration. It also comes in multiple vibrant colors and offers great value for your money.

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