5 Most Demanding Magento Extensions

Single Sign-on Magento Extension

Magento is an e-commerce web application platform, which is flexible, scalable and provides a steady business growth feature. Magento is an open-source platform using MQSQL database and Zend PHP. Magento extensions are developed according to the Magento standards and they can be installed on highly customized online stores. Your online store can be easily customized depending on your needs by simply installing easy and simple Magento Extension. The thumb rule for Magento Extension is to add functionality and features to shape your online store.  Magento Extension is the most desired choice for Internet commerce.

The top five most demanding Magento Extensions are:

Cloud Backup Extension

Cloud Backup ExtensionThe Cloud Backup Extension is a must have Magento extension for every small or big online store so that you can feel safe and secure against the unwanted circumstances like hacker’s attack or hardware failure. It is one of the most trusted and flexible solutions as it allows choosing the most suitable cloud server for storage of file and helps for automatic backup process. Magento Cloud Backup saves a complete webstore backup of all Magento files and database and sends it to offsite storage. It uses Amazon storage and Dropbox storage services to store the Magento backup.

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on Magento ExtensionSingle Sign-on extension saves the time consuming processes  like signing in several times to get a specific commerce and content features. Experts have come out with a single sign in idea, which save the time by single login on both Magento and WordPress. Websites built using WordPress and Magento, require separate logins, which waste a lot of time and may become a bit annoying as well. Single sign in extension is the best for saving time by removing the WordPress login and user will simply use only Magento login to get into both the platforms.

Social Network Integration Bundle

Social Network Integration BundleSocial Network Integration Bundle extension is the most in-demand extension of last year and most popular one for this year due to its versatile feature as it allows installation of all the buttons at once. To add on this feature it provides a complete social integrated package for your online shop at very reasonable price. It gives 10 extensions in only one solution with one installation also and individual setting for each one. It shares all the extension for social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + along with their comments, like button, connect and many more.

Horizontal Product Slider

Horizontal Product Slider magento extensionHorizontal Product Slider extension is very popular and is offered by many large online website shops. But now this feature is available for all size of Magento websites in spite of their size. Using this feature, Magento websites can showcase their best-selling item. The selling point of this feature is to provide information to visitors to easily know the best-selling and most profitable online store product. Web developers found this feature compatible with iPads, iPhone, tablets and many smartphones. This feature of showcasing the best-selling products of an online shop gives more professional appearance to the online shop and easy to access products is convenient for all users.

Sold Out Extension

Sold Out Extension for MagentoSold Out Extension updates the items and keeps record of items that are sold out. User gets most frustrated by online shop features when they come to know at an advanced stage of the purchase that the item they want to buy is sold out. Most of the time, updating the item in online shop is bit difficult and sell out faster than new one placed. This feature of extension simply put the “Sold Out” tag to the items, which are sold out.

The Magento application gives rich feature for e-commerce platform that provides complete control and flexibility over the content, functionality and presentation for their online source. The Magento e-commerce web application system has been widely adopted not only by small e-commerce websites but also by large multinational businesses like Samsung and Harvey Nichols.

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