3 Tips to make your E-commerce Website Thriving?


E-commerce websites are in all the rage right now. People now prefer a smarter and a more convenient way to shop and what better way to shop than to sit at home in your pyjamas and have everything delivered to your doorsteps.  This digital age has paved way for the digital commerce and customers are loving the convenience and ease of it. Putting up an E-commerce website is no child’s play and can be quite tricky. If you decide to create an E-commerce website there are thousands of other websites in the market that is ready to give you competition. You need something better, something more optimized to do some serious business. In this article, we will let you in on some of the secrets of the trade to make sure that you stand out.

1. Mobile Friendly

If you are creating a website make sure you are doing a good work with making it accessible via cell phones. In this age, we all have our own smartphones and we rarely go without it. Making your website mobile friendly will make sure that your customers are able to do business with you on the go. Having a nice mobile user interface will also affect the reputation of your website and people will like it better. Having an app for a website is a really good call but if you are just starting out, an app can be pretty expensive and you will do just fine without it as long as you make sure that the mobile version is good enough.

2. Negative Space

Negative space or white space is the blank space that we see between different products that are listed on a certain website. Website owners often make this negative space way too small and as a result, the listing of items looks cluttered and messy. You must provide enough space in between the products listings to help your customer absorb the product information and the product picture better. Using too many unnecessary and unrelated pictures will only add on to the misery and the confusion of your customers.

Of course, you do not need to keep your white space white, you can throw in some fun colors and patterns just to spice things up.

3. Better Interaction

You create an online store just to let your customers know about the different kinds of products that you carry in your Ecommerce website. You are interacting with your customers through your website and your website design. A website design can be of a hundred different kinds and all you need to do is choose the design that will work the best with your website type. The website should be simple but innovative at the same time, you have to make sure that your website is offering the best interactive service to its customers and only then your customers will remember and refer you.

The best and the easiest way to do this is to collect data from your customers itself. Ask them about their suggestions and try and personalize every customer’s feed different depending upon their taste and preferences. Personalising will give a sense of importance to your customers. Also, try and put in some custom drawn illustration and visual aids to take it up a notch.

So we just shared some really effective but lesser known facts of the trade. Be sure to use these tips while you create your own website. Remember to keep your designs simple and original and your customers will surely appreciate the thought you have put in.

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