7 Tips to Get Skyrocketing Sales for Your Magento Store


What do you think you need to excel in the e-commerce arena? Or let’s say how would you successfully run your Magento website thereby boosting your sales?

I believe that you can achieve this only if you understand and optimize the multiple aspects of Magento development. Also, just that would not suffice. You require a Magento website with a great user experience coupled with tremendous marketing efforts in order to thrive in today’s competitive web world.

In order to enhance your marketing efforts and improve your store services, you need to study the current market trends. Understand the behavior of your customers, their demands and accordingly create marketing strategies. If you were wondering how you can go about enhancing your customers’ buying experience and boost sales, here are some tips that might help:

1. Fully Optimize Your Website Homepage

Amazon – one of the biggest online stores uses this technique. And being such a huge e-commerce giant, it wouldn’t be wrong to implement their techniques. Amazon utilizes its website homepage and displays about available products, product updates, etc. You can do the same. Talk about the launch of new/unique products, discounts and offers through the designer and highlighted banners on your e-store.

This notifies your customers about the latest products available in your estore thereby boosting your sales. Moreover, it also raises customers’ inquisitiveness and they are sure to look further for new products and offers every time they think of shopping.

2. Social Media Integration

Anyone can bet about the success of marketing through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more. Share blog posts, product images, etc. and promote your products/services on these platforms. It is sure to bring a good chunk of traffic to your Magento store.

You may seek help from Magento development company to integrate social media icons on your webpage and thereby encourage consumers to share reviews about your products on their social networking account. This is sure to boost more sales for your estore!

3. Sales Via Search Engine Optimization

The fact that you already have a Magento estore proves that you are quite aware of it being the most SEO friendly e-commerce platform. Utilize this feature and drive more traffic to your e-store.

Create your product related meta title, meta descriptions and business-related content with focused rich keywords. This increases your website visibility and gives you higher rankings on Google and other search engines. It helps in bringing genuine buyers to your online store, thus increasing your sales.

4. Show the Credibility of Your Store

Before making a purchase from an e-store, most customers look for the store’s product reviews and ratings for the store service. It wins the trust of customers and pinpoints towards the credibility of your Magento store. You never know if customers who visit your website might look for the same before making any purchase.

Ask your Magento development company to add rich snippets to your e-store that can show product price, ratings, and reviews on your SERP pages. It attracts customers to your store as you can show the credibility of your store and helps them make a quick purchase.

5. Make Free Shipping Conditional

Most customers avoid purchasing even unique products from a store which procures extra amount for the shipment process. So, if you want your sales to hit a huge margin, you may opt for free shipping. And if not free shipping, at least you can afford conditional free shipping.

For instance, you can offer your customer with zero shipping costs if they make a purchase that reaches a defined amount. This is how you can imbibe conditional free shipping and see how it works wonders in pulling the crowd to your Magento store.

6. Influence Through Email Marketing

Imbibe smart email marketing strategies in order to tap new customers and reach out to the worldwide marketplace. The question might arise here as to, what is smart email marketing? It means to send product informative emails with appealing designer templates and themes to people all over the world.

These designer campaigning emails are sure to lure the customers to visit your website. When they visit your website and browse through the latest products on display, on your web store homepage, they are sure to turn into paying customers.

7. Make Use of Cross-Selling

It is an indirect product marketing technique and is known as cross-selling wherein you can display related items on your product page. This trick makes your website visitors curious. They then try to explore your e-store and look for products of their choice if available in the web store.

This increases the number and hours of time, they spend on searching for products of their choice on your Magento website. As a result, it raises the possibilities of higher sales for your estore.

Striving hard to boost sales for your Magento store? Try implementing these tips and you are sure to get skyrocketing sales! Feel free to contact us to get more sales enhancing tips for your Magento store.

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