Why You Need a Magento 2 Migration Now

Magento 2 Migration

Magento 2 is the latest version of the top enterprise-class eCommerce platform. It is currently used by over 200,000 online retailers. It has been estimated that one out of every four businesses uses the Magento software to carry out their operations. With Magento 2, there are a number of tools that provide users with lots of flexibility. This software provides businesses with advanced marketing which includes SEO and catalog management. Magento 2 makes it easier to control these aspects of business marketing. As of today, Magento 2 is an updated version of Magento 1 and provides the most user-friendly can scalable e-commerce tool available. With the vast improvements made, it will be very beneficial for users to upgrade and complete the process of Magento 2 migration within the next year.

Why Everyone Must Migrate To Magento 2 By June 2020

As a business, there are some good reasons to complete the process of Magento 2 migration in the near future. Magento 2 has been completely revamped recently. The entire platform has been rebuilt from scratch and so users will be betting an entirely new program. This will allow them to get a completely different and an enhanced version of the platform. With Magento 2 migration, users are now able to use a platform that is quicker, easier and safer than the previous versions. If a business is looking to complete the process of Magento 2 migration and upgrade the platform, they will need to carefully plan and understand the process. Fortunately for businesses, they can receive support from Magento or other software companies that specialize in the installation of this type of platform.

Benefits Of Magento 2

There are many benefits the come with Magento 2. The benefits of Magento 2 help businesses more efficiently manage their interaction with customers as well as provide them with easier access to providing customers with the assistance they need. Some of the benefits of Magento 2 include faster load times, improved customer experiences and better mobile shopping.

1. Faster Load Time

One of the benefits of Magento 2 is faster load time. By completing the process of Magento migration, users have the ability to access the platform more easily and more quickly. They are also able to access customer data and complete tasks for the customer more quickly due to the faster load time. By taking advantage of faster load time, Magento 2 provides businesses with the ability to more efficiently carry out operations and serve their customers.

2. Improved Admin Interface

Magento 2 offers an improved administrative interface compared to the previous version. Many users have said that Magento 1 had a very confusing interface and that it was not built for mobile use either. However, Magento 2 allows users to take advantage of a much less confusing and more mobile-friendly platform. This is yet another reason to complete the process of Magento 2 migration.

With Magento 2, users are able to take advantage of a number of tools which will help website owners customize their stores. The platform is also very responsive and more user-friendly compared to the previous version. With Magento 2, users can reach anything they want without ever getting overwhelmed. There are multiple options which allow users to access pages without clicking on multiple tabs. With Magento 2, you can also add videos from YouTube and Vimeo as well as the image to a product. The platform also makes it easier to keep products updated on a regular basis as well. Therefore, Magento migration is beneficial if a business is looking to make it easier to use.

3. Improvements to Customer Experience

Another reason to migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2 is that it provides improvements to the customer experience. With better customer experience, shopping has now become easier and faster. Customers are now able to take advantage of a number of the improvements that include a more simplified checkout process, a simplified registration process, PayPal integration, a final order summary and also fewer forms and choices to navigate through.

A simplified and smoother checkout process makes it easier for customers to purchase items and also increases their likelihood of buying more products in the future. This can help a business increase its sales on a consistent basis.

The simplified registration process can be completed after a customer purchases an item. This will save them a lot of time.

The checkout process is very detailed so it will guide the customer through every step of the order and purchase process with ease.

With PayPal integration, Magento 2 allows customers to avoid entering long details of information such as the billing address. PayPal now handles that for the company and the customer.

A final order summary is available to ensure that the customer has purchased exactly what they ordered. It, therefore, prevents mistakes and allows customers to find them immediately if they are ever made.

Account registration is also simplified with the Magento 2 platform. This allows shoppers to complete the checkout process more quickly.

These are some examples of how beneficial it is to migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2.

4. Better Mobile Shopping

The Magento 2 platform also provides a better mobile shopping experience. Today, almost half of the transactions that occur online are through mobile devices. The platform has made numerous enhancements in order to improve the overall experience with mobile shopping. Since browsing on mobile devices is slower and more complicated, Magento 2 makes this easier and faster. With the platform, consumers can more easily find the products that they are looking for.

5. Improved Technical Architecture and New Features

When Magento 2 was made, it was put together with improved technical architecture. It also has new features that have made it a superior version. The file structure of the platform has been simplified for a number of things such as themes and extensions. There is also a single folder that has all of the necessary codes that are required for extensions. As a result, users can more easily modify or remove these extensions.

The new features of Magento 2 include additional technologies such as JQuery and composer. You can now easily upgrade the platform as well. With Magento 2, you can take advantage of things such as color swatches and an API administration panel. These two features make it easier for API functionality than in the past with the previous version of Magento. Features such as these have now made it easier for businesses to run their online store and for customers to access it.

Migration Services For Magento

Magento 2 is one of the latest platforms that businesses can use in order to more easily manage their daily operations. Whenever a business is looking to migrate to Magento 2, they will need to complete an installation process. While a business can try to do this themselves, they will benefit by working with a reputable Magento 2 developer. The services provided by a Magento 2 developer will enable businesses to get the guidance and expertise they need in order to properly install the software.

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