5 Ways To Reduce E-commerce Shopping Abandonment Rate?

E-commerce Shopping Abandonment Rate

Running an E-commerce is not an easy task as it demands lots of time and money. You have to make lots of marketing business strategies for bringing potential customers and make them buy the products. With time, such plans do start paying off. A good strategy makes people visit the website at a regular interval.

Why does the condition of cart abandonment occur?

E-commerce Shopping Abandonment RateIf you have not heard about the cart abandonment, so for your clarification, it is a term used in an e-Commerce industry meant for describing product ads by the shoppers to their online cart. But, at the time of checkout, the users leave the website without completing the purchase process. Both large and small businesses face this challenge, as this percentage is increasing day-by-day.

There are many reasons behind this, and it is essential to understand why such a condition occurs. The experts agree that there is a minor difference between the ways people do their business. But, when it comes to the customers, their buying habits remain constant. E-commerce offers almost every product related to fashion, technology, education, beauty, and others. And, while purchasing them, they might face frustration while making the purchase. Mentioned are some of the noted reasons behind the cart abandonment.

  1. Customers lookout for better deals and thereof, search on different websites.
  2. The users are just browsing the websites to get the idea of products.
  3. There are several websites which ask the customers to make their account first for finishing the purchase process.
  4. Higher shipping charges are also responsible for cart abandonment.
  5. Before buying the products, the users are concerned about the return policy.

Hence, it is quintessential to keep a check on these steps and enjoy hassle-free shopping.

Simple ways to minimize the rate of shopping abandonment

Fortunately, experts have introduced solutions to fix this problem within a few times. Let’s have a quick look at a few of them, depending on which one can enhance the transaction value and end up in making more sales.

1. It is better to keep the things simple

It is majorly seen that the customers don’t like to wait too much when making the payment. Hence, keeping the payment simpler is an ideal solution. By streamlining the process, customers can gain the maximum experience of doing shopping online.

2. Provide guest check-in option

Does it a smarter idea to make the customers create an account prior to making payment? Managing different accounts is indeed quite difficult. Adding up the account is just a waste of time. Moreover, having the number of accounts may lead a person to forget the passwords, ultimately results in login issues.

Having a guest check-in process is considered to be a reliable solution that doesn’t force the users to register.

3. Reduce the CTA buttons present on the checkout page

According to the experts, checkout pages do have a button that is required to be placed rightly with a purpose. The presence of so many buttons distracts the users. On the other hand, it also results in losing the interest of customers. Solving such issues becomes quite remarkable, and for this, it is a wise thing to color them appropriately.

4. Making the customers trust you

Presently, credit card fraud or data breaching has become a common term all around the globe. A suspicious website cannot attract customers. So, it is better to give the signs of trust to the customers. And, if someone is offering off-site payment, then it is essential to provide a disclaimer for the customer’s clarification.

5. There shouldn’t be any hidden charges

Any websites are still present that make a fool of customers and hide the hidden charges like taxes and shipping charges. Mind it; the customers don’t like surprises at all. There are numerous ways available by which one can quickly minimize the abandonment. Always make your customers aware of the extra costs so that they add the items in their cart likely.

Calculating the cart abandonment

Basically, the abandonment is considered as a ratio. There are two numbers related to the calculation – the first number is for those people who have completed the transactions using shopping carts. While, the second number is related to those who just create shopping carts by adding one item in it, but when it comes to transactions, the process never gets completed.

For the calculation, one has to compare both the numbers to get a clear picture of a number of people used for adding the items to carts. And it also depends on how many people complete the purchasing process. Having a low cart abandonment clearly indicates that users are experiencing a good time while visiting the website, and they do not face any issues. On getting the cart abandonment ration, one can calculate the percentage without any difficulty.

For that, you should have completed a transaction number that is divided by the total number of shopping carts. On getting the result, multiply it by 100 to get the percentage.

In a nutshell, the size of business not matter. The thing that matters is a struggle with cart abandonment. Being present as one of the most exasperated issues, just by following simple steps, it becomes simple to give better customer experience. Only by removing friction, the businesspersons can boost up the overall sales.

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