5 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid to Enhance Magento Store Sales

Web Design Mistakes to Avoid to Enhance Magento Store Sales

A beautiful and convincing design of a Magento eCommerce site can lead you towards the accomplishment of your targeted business goals effectively and efficiently. Being a Magento web designer or online store owner, you should always contemplate for innovative ideas that can help you drive more web customers towards your e-store. But most of us overlook the basics of web design and keep on making mistakes while

Web designers avoid SEO while designing a site as it restricts their creativity. But if you want to make your brand visible on search engines, then you can’t overlook the SEO (otherwise, you won’t be able to generate leads). Apart from that, there are many other absurd web design mistakes that stop you from giving rich shopping experience to your web customers and this disturbs your conversion rate and sales.

Here, in this post, we will discuss on some of the common Magento eCommerce web design mistakes that you need to avoid if you want to maximize your online sales.

1. Overflowing the web page with lots of content

One of the biggest mistakes is of adding a tonne of content – be it a text, image, podcast or video on a single web page. Web designers/ online store owners think that this will let the web visitors get all the information on one web page. But in reality, this can make your web store look blotchy and annoying. Web visitors immediately abandon your site if they see everything chaotic.


Instead of overloading content on your eCommerce store, it is better to keep the design simple and clean. Display relevant information on each of your product pages to give the seamless experience to your web customers. You can even use minimal design schemes to enhance the design of your web store. This will not only drive web customers towards your site but also improve its speed – this can lead you towards getting better ranking on search engines.

2. Use of unnecessary Pop-up advertisements

Annoying ads can disturb the entire user experience of your online store when they suddenly pop-ups on your screen. Most of the web visitors abandon a website because of the unwanted pop-up advertisements. These ads not only discourage your search engine ranking but also affects your online sales.


Therefore, it is better to avoid using unnecessary pop-up ads on your eCommerce site if you want to give rich user experience to your real-time visitors. In fact, the Google chrome, by default, blocks pop-up advertisements. Although they have some core benefits, it is better to ignore them if you want to enhance the UX of your web store.

3. Forget to create unique product description

Most of the eCommerce store owners use the same description for their products provided by manufacturers. This is considered as one of the biggest mistakes especially if you want to improve the online visibility of your Magento store. The majority of Web visitors abandon eCommerce sites if they don’t find the product descriptions unique and engaging.


Create unique, captivating, and relevant product descriptions for each of your products. Showcase the best features of your products in a well-organized way so that your visitors can take buying decisions on the fly. Don’t forget to use a clean and simple design for all your product pages.

4. Neglecting mobile-friendly design

Most of the online shoppers make a purchase via their smartphones. The percentage is continuously rising with every passing year. In fact, Google recommends a responsive site while determining the SEO ranking.

This means creating a responsive or mobile-friendly site can help you grow your customer’s reach easily. Despite all these benefits, Magento store owners forget to make their site responsive and keep on losing their potential web customers.


If you want to boost your online sales and improve your UX, then you should convert your Magento store into a mobile friendly design. Give your mobile customers a soothing shopping experience while they scroll up down your web page on their smartphone or any other new age device. This will help you expand your customer’s reach and also improve your sales.

5. Adding key information on images

There are many online retailers who put their valuable content either on the images or flash files. This is a wrong approach. Both the search engines and web visitors give the least importance to the content if it is put on images – this directly affects your ranking on Search Engine Result Pages.


Never replace the text headers with images if you want to boost your online visibility. Instead of using images, use text to showcase valuable contents, links, and names. If you want to optimize images for SEO, then add main keyword phrase relevant to your images in its ‘alt texts.


Consider these common mistakes in mind while creating your first/next Magento eCommerce site. The solutions along with the each mistake will help you get higher visibility across the web and let you boost your online sales with ease.

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