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These day’s people are more likely than ever to engage in online discussions. It has become a very famous and vital part of life. Nowadays people are familiarized with social network apps like Facebook, specifically Messenger. Such an app lets you chit-chat with people online using your mobile phone. So it becomes easy to get in touch with Magento 2 Live Chat.

Getting known with Live Chat

Live Chat is a Magento-specific chat app for best customer support and online sales; designed to give the user instant answers and personalized experience.

The Way it Works

It is simple: a standard LiveChat window at the bottom right of your website, visitors on-site can choose to chat with you, or you can proactively engage them with invitations to chat with.

Hence if you are already using or intend to use live chat, there are several things to keep in mind as below suggested to make sure your Magento Live Chat support is as strong as your email support or any other medium.

So, let’s take a look at Magento 2 Live Chat Extension Features:

Instant Chatting with Live Chat

Magento 2 Live Chat Extension 1-minThe live Chat platform is widely used by the people, and the growth rate is pretty fast. Imagine either waiting in long lines for information or getting any answers. It sounds rather exhausting, isn’t it? The solution is simple and straightforward-simply using Magento 2 Live Chat Extension. By engaging with Live Chat, it would instantly become more user friendly by saving your customer’s time and shocking them with your immediate responses. It directly connects your customers to you whenever they have any inquiries regarding your products. Instant and direct customer chat will also enhance the efficiency of the service and help your business get a strong reputation.

Make Chat Access Incredibly Easy

Occasionally, the customers may be distracted or do not want to be disturbed by the conversation when working, this is when this convenience of Live Chat shows a wonderful purpose. Magento 2 Live Chat Extension makes it fully versatile for you and your clients to join or end the conversation when there are any unexpected problems.

Chat-Box design Interface

Magento Live Chat-box offers the clearest chat box so customers can have the best experiences since it’s obvious that the chat-box interface is extremely important to draw customers to your site. The white background & blue text gives you a sense of ease and relaxation so that your customers can chat easily and feel relaxed talking to you on your website. It is just the same as Messenger or Skype with a user-friendly blue and white chat box with the key colors.

Ready to Go chat with desired Customers

According to the eDigital Benchmark Survey “People don’t just use live chat, they actually get more satisfaction than any other channel”.

There are many nice features of it, but among them, one of the best ones is that Live Chat Extension lets you chat with any client right away. It is always quick and comfortable. You are ready to chat by registering with your account, logging in, and then sending the message to your client, just a couple of minutes and you are ready to sail!

Simple Click Connecting Pages

With just one simple click, you and your customers can already connect on pages such as Product Information, etc. Magento 2 Live Chat Extension provides any pages on your website with the accessible and instant chat box – it will pop up in no time! This is why Live Chat is guaranteed to meet all your customers’ needs in order to deliver the best online transaction services.

Keeping Track of Customer Information when needed

When using the Magento 2 Live Chat Extension, customers will leave their details before beginning the conversation, thus providing advantages for you and your customers to stay in contact with each other when needed. It also keeps track of your customer’s name, email, etc. in its management panel.

Account & Pricing

The plugin is free, but you need a LiveChat license to work with it. LiveChat comes with a 14-day trial which allows you to enjoy the service without purchasing it.

Building royalty with Live Chat

Live chat support offers a business a huge opportunity to add a strong, customer-loved platform to their customer service strategy.

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