As Magento 2.0 Closes in, Here are the Expected Features to Discover & Savor


The Magento factory has been broadcasting the Magento 2.0 buzz from the longest time now, and characteristically, expectations have already reached a summit. Whilst the delay has been unceremoniously long, the anticipation still refuses to die down.

Magento-2The developers across the planet earth are eagerly anticipating for what might prove to be a shape-shifting platform for the Ecommerce website owners and for those still looking to catch the web wagon when it comes to taking their stores’ reach beyond boundaries.

The experts claim that Magento will have something for everyone to cherish, and we are keeping our fingers crossed, per se. The latest self-reinvention is set to include a truckload of enhancements on the current features while injecting a several new-fangled features and capabilities to help the merchants run their store with elan.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what you can expect out of the latest Magento installment:

The Code Structure Will Undergo a Major Overhaul

Well, that’s the most obvious thing you could have expected. The current code architecure in finely tuned to the current demands of the marketplace, but there was still a lot of room for improvement and the trends are more likely to fluctuate every year. There will be more structured calls made to the classes and functions.

Besides this, the path followed when Magento is unable to locate the request template is “app/design/frontend/base/theme”. In Magento 2.0 however, this particular structure is undergoing a major overhaul as we won’t see base theme any longer now. What you are used to seeing in base theme till now will instead be contained in the modules. The underlying point behind this change is to equip the developers with a view that is more lucid and representational and further give them the wherewithal to nullify the views needed for the custom-made themes.

It Will be Available on Github

github-magentoNot everyone is taken by Github, but those who are, know the value it can add to their Ecommerce store and how it can make their store much more dynamic and propulsive. And Magento 2.0 will bring about the collaboration between Magento and Github, which apparently holds some massively good prospects for the web development community worldwide.

Containers Will be Introduced

Magento 2.0 will give the theme developers a way to add container in a layout. The purpose behind the inclusion of containers is to give developers a mode of moving the blocks within the structure and these will be the indispensable part of the visual design editor.

You can Bid Goodbye to Prototypes and Make Room for jQuery

jquery magentoThe job of using the jQuery as the main javaScript library was an unwieldy one and also it made way for a cranky structure. Thus, prototypes were instead used as they made the task much more feasible and conducive. However, the latest installment will be bringing jQuery back to Magento. This particular development is set to be greeted with pleasure as jQuery will give the developers a free rein to get even more creative and improve the overall scalability of the website architecture.

Skin No more

Magento 2 is also doing away with the skin. Instead, the skin will make way for more themes. What this does is that it makes it easier for the developers to get a better understanding of the concepts and facilitate a smooth development process – thanks to the greater control they have over these themes.

Whether You Like Factory names or Not, They are on their Way Out

This might be met with a mixed response, as the Magento user community also has a sort of affinity towards the factory names, simply because it has gotten used to them. The full class namespaces is the new way things will be rolling as and this will also spill over to the eav_* tables.

Some More Components that Will Make an Exit

While the current versions of Magento have some of the best possible options for payment gateways, the new version will come up with an even more improved avatar. The bulky config.xml file will be reduced in size and this would allow the development professionals to customize with a shorter turnaround time.

A Much-Improved User Experience

Well, it all boils down to the user experience at the end of the day. If any update or upgrade can’t deliver on the improved user-experience facet, it better be rolled back. However, with the suite of changes that Magento 2.0 is tossing at us, the user-experience is set to take a giant leap upwards and remain perched there ever-so-dominatingly.

Set to change the web development landscape, Magento 2.0 is tossing at features to savor. Embrace them and let your Magento site run on a bolstered fuel.

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