5 Significant Marketing Tips for Magento Stores

Marketing Tips for Magento Stores

Marketing Tips for Magento StoresWhen it comes to any eCommerce stores, the foremost thing that matters next to sales is the traffic. Bringing traffic to an eCommerce store nevertheless is an easy task and it requires certain marketing principles to be put into action. Marketing happens to be the predominant focus of any ecommerce merchant while doing a business online, especially with a magento-based online business. Magento is known to the absolute platform for any ecommerce business and one of the efficient ways to bring traffic to a magento e-store is by means of affiliate marketing. Listed below are few of the marketing tips for a magento e-store which you might find pretty beneficial.

Offer Regular Incentives to Your Affiliates

It is quite important to inspire your affiliates with voucher codes and competitions. This helps them in speeding up your affiliate marketing campaign successfully. Voucher codes are also necessary to promote your sites exclusively. Consider offering prices to those who join your affiliate campaign or incentives to those who bring much profit to your business.

Be in contact with your affiliates

Keep in touch with your affiliates regularly, so that they might not forget you. Make use of blogs and forums or try using your affiliate blog everyday if possible. Utilize your affiliate’s dedicate forums to share your comments. This could drive more attention to your magento ecommerce store. Mail your established affiliates saying that you have released a new product. Tell them that you are offering these kind of new services which they might not have known. Whatever you send mean it and make it useful for them.

Select useful terms

Whatever you want to post about your products and offers, do it on your affiliates point-of-view. Tell them that you have got product offers and special promotions especially for them. Post a link to their company about this so that they can easily join your campaign. Remember that affiliates are not your customers who buy your products, but are those who sell your products. Hence focus on the reason why a customer needs to buy your products and what benefits your affiliates will be getting on this. You can also suggest some ways affiliates might be able to sell those products.


Other than relying on an affiliate program, you can also monitor your site traffic by means of several online resources like Google analytics. An account in Google analytics will help you monitor visits to the store and the users’ behaviour once they reach your site. It is actually simple to set up an account on this and once you have filled in the basic contact and domain details you will need to make a note of the UA number provided for the domain. It requires you to add a tracking code generated for the Google Analytics account, but however magento allows adding the code very easily.  To track e-commerce data you will then need to login to the Google Analytics account and identify the website as an e-commerce site.

Google Webmaster Tools

An account in Google webmaster tools provides you with the information about your domain from Google. You can login to the Google webmaster tool by means of your Google account and start the process of adding a site.  Webmaster Tools provides data about a domain it needs to be verified to ensure that you are the owner/webmaster for that domain

So, these are a few important marketing techniques which you can implement on your magento ecommerce store.

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